DTechEx Launches Research in Life Sciences

December 13, 2017

IDTechEx, a market intelligence company with nearly two decade’s worth of experience tracking the cutting-edge developments in science and technology, has expanded their expertise into the life sciences. 

This new endeavor has already led to the production of five new dedicated market research reports in the key fields of biosensors, bioelectronics, and regenerative medicine. The reports, available now at www.idtechex.com/lifesci, include:

- 3D Bioprinting

- Biosensors for Point-of-Care Testing

- Neuroprosthetics

- Technologies for Diabetes Management

- Tissue Engineering

IDTechEx’s team of life sciences experts includes Technology Analysts Dr Alexis Karandrea, Dr David Pugh, Dr Laura Baers and Dr Nadia Tsao. With diverse but complimentary backgrounds, this new team is already developing additional new reports on synthetic biology, wound care technologies, and bioelectronic medicine docketed for a Spring 2018 release. 

Such areas add to the already impressive portfolio of engineering-based specialties covered by the company, including RFID, printed electronics, and energy storage.  Previous topics like wearable technology and stretchable/conformal electronics have also covered developments in healthcare and medicine.

Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx, echoed his support for this progress – “We’re excited to expand the offerings to our clients by applyingour methodology and global analysis to the life sciences sector, which has many dynamics including broad academic and commercial technology research; strong market requirements due to the changing population demographics; player transformation with new smaller entrants bringing related technologies such as AI and connectivity in addition to traditional healthcare companies; and complex regulatory and territorial issues. Our assessments of these issues provide clear analysis of the technologies and markets in life sciences.”

Many of these new topics have already been featured in IDTechEx events such as the IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara in November. IDTechEx’s analyst team also delivered masterclasses on regenerative medicine, connected healthcare, and brain-computer interfaces. These were complemented by two conference session tracks, “3D Bioprinting” and “Sensors in Healthcare”, highlighting breakthrough developments from leading companies in the field.  A separate masterclass, “Biosensors for Health Diagnostics”, has been on the road this year at IDTechEx’s Business and Technology Insight Forums in Seoul, Tokyo, and Cambridge.

 Please contact us at research@IDTechEx.com or see www.IDTechEx.com.


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