Florida nursing home where 11 died had emergency plan with no mention of air conditioning

September 25, 2017

When the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills — where 11 patients died after the facilty lost power — submitted its 43-page emergency management plan to county administrators in July, it made no mention of how residents would be kept cool if the home’s power was lost, according to an article on the Miami Herald website.

During Hurricane Itma, nine residents of the rehabilitation center succumbed to cardiac and respiratory failure after a portable air cooling system malfunctioned.

In its emergency hurricane drill conducted in October 2016, the home described its communication and safety and security as good, though it noted “improvement [sic] are needed to manage resources and assets more organized.”

It said the exact same thing in a June 2017 hurricane drill — down to the poor syntax. Both reports were identical, mistakes and all, suggesting the rehab center copy-pasted one year’s documentation to the next without making any changes.

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