Second unit of Mayo food service workers vote to unionize

September 21, 2017

Food service workers employed by Morrison Healthcare at the Mayo Charter House have voted to join SEIU Healthcare Minnesota, according to an article on the Workday Minnesota website.

The workers voted by a 2-1 margin to join the union. 

Earlier this year more than 500 food service workers who were outsourced last year in a controversial decision by Mayo Clinic reached a tentative agreement with their new employer, Morrison Healthcare.

"Even amidst management's tactics to dissuade us from forming a union, low-balling offers and bringing in union-busters, we persevered because we all ignored their distractions. I am so glad we voted so overwhelmingly to join together and become members of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota," said Michael Roeder, one of the Charter House workers who led the campaign to win their union.

Read the article.


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