Vantage Controls’ New Universal Dimming Station Simplifies Specification, Installation, and User Experience

November 8, 2017

Vantage Controls, a brand of Legrand, announced today the launch and availability of the EasyTouch II Universal Dimming Station (UDS) wall box dimmer to its line of automated lighting control solutions. This one device controls load, scene, or both load and scene, eliminating the need for separate devices for each capability. The dimmer follows the launch of the award-winning Universal Dimming Module (UDM) and is built using the same adaptive phase technology.

Homeowners are adapting to the latest trends in lighting fixtures, especially LED-based solid-state lighting, which is forecasted for rapid growth. This new dimmer enables simple control of forward-phase or reverse-phase load types, such as LED, providing dealers with the flexibility to adapt to homeowners’ varying lighting and dimming needs without costly electrical and programming changes.

UDS is powered by the local line feed and replaces a standard high voltage wall switch. It is ideal for the most demanding lighting control projects, from new construction to remodel or retrofit, and allows for incremental expansion to accommodate almost any design or budget. It also supports energy and safety guidelines including California Title 24 and the recent extension of NEMA 2016-SSL7A.

UDS features and benefits include alleviating flicker, wiring, and power quality challenges, and:

Streamlining Design:

  • Load and fixture agnostic (forward or reverse phase)
  • Available in wired and wireless applications via proprietary two-wire station bus (WireLink) or wireless system (RadioLink)

Simplifying Programming and Installation:

  • Ships in Auto Mode which automatically selects the phase for best load performance
  • Simple programming, commissioning, and reporting via Design Center software
  • Upgradeable firmware support

Improving End-User Experience and Ambiance:

  • Smooth and continuous dimming to 1% dim value over long ramp/fade times (8K dimming steps)
  • Improved side fire backlighting feature with no hot spots on engraved keys
  • Aesthetically pleasing design with new Air Gap Switch for simpler installation and reduced light bleed

“Vantage continues to launch products that respond to market needs with solutions that support LED migration and provide precise and smooth dimming of multiple lighting sources,” said Mark Moody, Product Manager at Vantage Controls. “Our products are future ready, meeting the increasing requirements of luxury spaces. In addition, they are built to be intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to install, program, and maintain.”

To learn more about the Universal Dimming Station and other lighting control solutions, visit


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