Construction and Design - June 2013

Strides made in healthcare flooring materials offer greater design options

While durability and infection control are still vital considerations, aesthetics has become more important as healthcare facilities seek warmer, more inviting looks for floors.


Center for Health Design creates checklist to aid in flooring decisions

The Center for Health Design Research Coalition has developed a checklist to indicate what managers should be looking for in flooring options and areas for further research.


Facility managers have resources to help choose green building products

"Do no harm" may be the mantra of the medical community, but increasingly, it's the charge of facility managers as well. That is especially true when it comes to choosing building products.


Children's hospital design grows to be more family-friendly, inclusive

The typical decor of a children's hospital, featuring lots of bright colors and geometric shapes, is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.


Facility managers play important role in successful green design projects

Any green interior renovation or design project is going to face a number of challenges ranging from cost to sustainability requirements. Facility managers play a vital role in implementing the strategies that drive successful projects.


Inaugural Healthcare Design Academy to be held in Dallas

The producers of the Healthcare Design Conference will hold the inaugural Healthcare Design Academy Aug. 8 - 9 at the Anatole Hotel in Dallas.


Needs of baby boomers drive some healthcare facility design trends

Professionals in the facilities design industry already have begun to reshape how healthcare buildings are designed, constructed and operated with the needs of baby boomers in mind.


Site analysis aids in selection of disaster-resilient location for critical facility

A thorough, knowledge-based analysis from the outset is vital to the selection of a new critical facility site, as critical facilities need to be sufficiently robust to remain in operation and survive under stress, whether caused by natural or human agents.


New design guide aids VA hospital planning and construction

When the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs embarked on construction of its first new facility in nearly 20 years, VA facilities professionals and architects worked together to create a facility that updated the agency's established criteria for hospital design to suit contemporary needs.


Factors to consider when modernizing a healthcare facility

When evaluating patient space for upgrades a number of key factors come into play to make the marriage of efficiency, aesthetics, comfort and patient safety work successfully.


Product declarations move into social justice issues

Pushing the envelope further on building product content transparency, the International Living Future Institute is rolling out a product labeling program on social justice and equity issues.


Collaborative environments in healthcare facilities spell operational success

As the healthcare industry constructs, remodels and repurposes aging facilities for a new era of health services delivery, the symbiotic relationship between all areas of the healthcare profession come into play.


Thoughtful design can aid infection prevention in healthcare facilities

From hand hygiene solutions to appropriate specified surfaces that block pathogen transmission, healthcare interiors make up a complex part of the infection control puzzle.


LED lighting gains popularity as versatile option for healthcare facilities

As healthcare facilities professionals seek to boost overall efficiencies in operations while facing tight budgets, lighting is one area that can be tapped for definitive savings, thanks to new technologies such as LEDs.



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