Construction and Design - July 2020

COVID-19 is changing hospital design in the short- and longterm

Healthcare facilities are urged to limit entries, improve HVAC systems, compartmentalize spaces and create hot zones


Adapting medical office buildings to increase patient safety and confidence

Healthy, welcoming spaces are essential as patients and staff consider care options


Designing for wellbeing in longterm, behavioral care

Color, material choices can support patient independence


Managing flanking noise in healthcare facilities

And at a time when hospital reimbursements are aligned with patient satisfaction, noise management is fundamental to business performance


Healthcare slow to adopt modular construction

A manufacturing-style process helps to reduce the amount of wasted material


Future hospital entrance areas designed as a visual statement

A glass-walled Galleria entrance to the main lobbies of both the future adult hospital and the expanded Children’s Hospital in Loma Linda


Reducing healthcare worker stress with environmental changes

Small breaks and respite spaces can help with stress


Occupancy data can create safer, more engaging and productive workplaces

Your team can use occupancy data to quickly identify COVID-19-related concerns as they arise


Hygienic flooring essential choice for healthcare

Pathogens can spread from the floor to hands and other high-touch surfaces throughout a hospital room



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