Infection Control

Drug-Resistant Fungal Infection Found in Mississippi Senior Care Facility

Two residents have died from the infection.


Is Routine Disinfecting Necessary?

The need for the right surface disinfectant in the hands of educated professional cleaners is paramount.


Industry Group Requests OSHA Standard Remains Consistent with Updated COVID Standards

The American Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living argues that original COVID-19 protocols are no longer prudent due to new variants.


Reality Check: Rethinking Surface Disinfectants

Huge gap remains between government registration protocols for disinfectants and the real world.


Infection Control Market on the Rise

Several healthcare-associated factors contribute to the rise of infection control. 


How Flooring Acts as a Mode of Infection Transmission

Here are strategies for breaking the mode of transmission if potential pathogens move from floors onto surfaces near patients.


National Handwashing Awareness Week Focuses on Facilities

Proper hand hygiene adherence is one of the simplest and most cost-effective elements of infection prevention but remains unacceptably low.


Bacteria Found in Tap Water at Franciscan Children's Hospital

Franciscan Children’s Hospital has begun restricting use of tap water after detection of harmful bacteria.


Environmental Hygiene Programs Help Reduce C. diff Rates

Proper cleaning and disinfection procedures play a critical role against the spread of C diff, according to a recent study


Maximizing Microfiber Cleaning Products

Performance of scientifically engineered wiping and mopping products performance depends on the way they are used, laundered and stored.


New York Governor Signs Legislation to Help Spread of Infections in Senior Care Facilities

The legislation aims to expand the existing pandemic emergency plan.


HAIs Contribute to Growth of Surface Disinfectant Market

The surface disinfectant market is expected to grow 8.5 percent by 2030.


Disinfectants That Don't Disinfect

Workers cannot kill the pathogens if they do not make contact using an activated disinfect that is allowed to remain wet according to the product’s label.


Crib Shortage Leaves Healthcare Facilities Scrambling During Flu Season

Increase of flu, RSV and COVID-19 cases in pediatric hospitals has left facilities without enough appropriate equipment.


CDC: Hospital Associated Infections On the Rise

CDC recently reported continued increases in certain healthcare-associated infections (HAI) in 2021 and improvements in others.


Flu, RSV, COVID-19 Combine to Impact Facilities

Over 4,300 influenza patients were admitted to hospitals in the week ending Oct. 29, the highest for that period in a decade.


Fighting HAIs Takes Toll on Preventionists

Preventionists’ physical and mental health were negatively impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic.


CDC Sends Alert on Contaminated Water Lines

CDC reported it is investigating a March 2022 cluster of suspected nontuberculous Mycobacteria infections in children at an undisclosed location.


How Hand Dryers Can Help Managers Reduce Costs

Managers should not overlook the critical role of hand dryers.


How Proper Cleaning Can Limit the Spread of Norovirus

Norovirus can break out in any facility where the cleaning staff is not properly equipped or trained.


Group Calls out Concern for Medical Waste During Extreme Weather

Hospitals that outsource RMW treatment services are most vulnerable when the transportation infrastructure is compromised due to flooding and debris.


Cleaning to Impress Visitors

Every day of the week, hundreds or thousands of guests walk through your doors.


Pandemic Lessons for the Next Surge

EVS managers prepare more pediatric patients with RSV and the likelihood of a heavy influenza season


How Hand Dryers are Being Used in a Post-COVID World

Hand dryers have been a necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic.


How COVID-19 Increased Demand for Paper Towels

Paper towel dispensers have been more popular since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Hospital Cleaning Practices Need Improvement

Among 51 responding healthcare facilities, most reported some deficit in their practices related to cleaning all surfaces of a hospital room.


Sick Healthcare Workers Can Harm Patients in Long-Term Care Facilities

Multiple issues contribute to employee 'presenteeism,’ including concerns about lost income, lack of days off, burdening colleagues.


Monkeypox Spreads Easily Within Isolation Rooms

Researchers found viral DNA shed by patients on multiple surfaces throughout isolation rooms.


How Towel Dispensers Can Prevent Spread of Infections

Proper hand washing can help limit the spread of disease.


Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology Urges Mask Use in Healthcare

Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology strongly urges its members to maintain mandatory mask requirement policies for healthcare employees.


Clean Hands Battle Healthcare-Acquired Infections

If hospital surfaces are inadequately cleaned, caregivers’ hands become re-contaminated seconds after they are washed.


High-Touch Surfaces in Long-Term Care Facilities Often Contaminated

Findings could help long-term care facilities assess cleanliness of high-touch surfaces and enhance infection prevention and control measures


Tackling Infection in Senior Living Communities

Sodexo program implements enhanced cleaning protocols that fight the spread of infection to protect residents, staff and their families.


Legionella Prevention in Cooling Tower Systems

With the support of a team of experts, managers can effectively prevent, detect and respond to positive Legionella tests.


Some Healthcare Facilities No Longer Need Face Masks While Working

The CDC releases new masking guidance for healthcare facilities.


How to Prevent Mold Growth in Facilities

Mold can often grow out of sight and unnoticed.


Senior Care Facilities Still at Risk of HAIs, Calls for Improvement Lag

Despite calls for improvements at senior care facilities, little progress has been made.


Thermal Imaging Can Improve Handwashing

Researchers obtained thermal images of 12 healthcare professionals using an infrared camera attached to an iPhone.


Automated Hand Hygiene Monitoring Systems Promote Cleaner Healthcare Facilities

Automated hand hygiene monitoring systems are able to achieve greater improvement in hand hygiene performance.


The Looming Legal Battle over Hospital-Associated Infections

The belief that infections are unavoidable has shielded hospitals and doctors from liability for decades, but not in the future.


Strategies for Fighting Antimicrobial Resistance

Most elements of the healthcare industry encountered setbacks during the pandemic, including the fight against antimicrobial resistance.


US Funds Expand Locations for Monkeypox Vaccines

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services expanded the number of locations that can be supported with direct federal shipments of vaccine and treatments for monkeypox.


HAIs Spread in Community, Complicating Infection Control

Findings are concerning because CRE infections resistant most antibiotics and are considered a major public health threat.


What is the Threat of Infections Acquired in Ambulances

Contamination of emergency medical vehicles with pathogenic microbes poses a potential threat to public health.


Perfect Storm: High Surface Contamination and Vulnerable Patients

The education of EVS workers and healthcare professionals is necessary to break the chain of infections.


Arizona VA Nursing Home Closed Due to Rat Infestation

Recent storms caused rats to move into the facility.


CDC Updates COVID-19 Guidance, Affecting Schools

The CDC has announced updated guidelines on COVID-19.


3 Most Common Questions About Chemicals

J. Darrel Hicks discusses common and dangerous mistakes when using, storing and handling cleaning chemicals in healthcare facilities.


3 Steps to Prevent C. diff Spread

CDI prevention begins with the right products and processes and an educated environmental services staff.


Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Market Grows to Prevent Spread of COVID-19

UV disinfection equipment is steadily being added to facilities to help stop the spread of COVID-19.



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