Environmental Services - November 2014

Electron-beam technology may be a better way to sanitize Ebola waste

Hospitals have used similar technology, at lower power levels, to sterilize equipment


Environmental services can boost patient experiences

A clean and inviting environment in conjunction with an engaging professional staff makes patients and visitors feel welcome and calm


'Self-cleaning' surface reduces pathogens, study says

New technology reduces the number of hospital surface bacteria by more than 99 percent at least eight weeks after initial application


Study: Cleanliness promotes better behavior

In cleaner workplaces, people should be less likely to feel disgusted and exhibit selfish behavior


Choosing a disinfectant to fight Ebola

Ebola is believed to be susceptible to a broad range of hospital disinfectants


Preparing for Ebola - the FM's role

Facilities managers are key to disinfecting contaminated areas and disposing of hazardous waste as well as alerting staff and visitors to proper protocols


Guidelines for handling Ebola linens

Linen services provider offers tips to customers about handling potentially contaminated linens



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