Safety - February 2014

Technology, common sense key for hospital security

In addition to employee vigilance, cameras and security measures are in place to protect prescription drugs and other valuables


Patient safety progress called 'excruciatingly slow'

Hospitals need more incentives to to make patient care safer, public health expert says


Fire alarm system upgrade Q&A

When renovating part of a building, does the fire alarm system in the existing area of the building need to be upgraded as well?


Study finds low rate of infections following ambulatory surgery

The absolute number of patients with these complications is still substantial, according to JAMA


VA initiative slashes MRSA rates

A nationwide initiative at 133 of the VA's long-term care facilities found that using a bundled approach to prevention helped to cut overall MRSA rates by 36 percent


CMS proposes emergency preparedness rule

Proposed Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services rule would require all hospitals to develop a plan


Hospitals put patient safety first in storm preparation

Facilities are reviewing their weather and emergency planning policies


Security product choices, maintenance can save lives

Lock-out death in Alzheimer care facilities points out importance of maintaining, monitoring security measures


Concord Hospital staff to conduct active shooter training exercise

The hospital re-evaluated its own safety policies after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook


California prison hospital cited for unsanitary conditions

California Health Care Facility in Stockton charged with mistreatment and medical malpractice


Children's Medical Center Dallas focuses on accessible design

Main lobby receives an accessibility award for going above and beyond legal requirements


Affordable Care Act impacting security

Facilities must continue to do more with less and design future changes


Fire damper requirements in rated walls

Fire-rated barriers do not require fire dampers in fully ducted HVAC systems, unless the one-hour fire-rated barrier is a vertical shaft


Healthcare workers report hand hygiene compliance - even with failures

Study shows providers are recording hand hygiene compliance as much higher than their actual compliance rates


Effects of Quebec fire extend to US and abroad

Blaze spurs renewed calls for sprinkler systems


Five keys to hand hygiene compliance

A multifaceted hand hygiene initiative increases compliance, according to study


Proper CCTV placement based on risk assessment

Improperly placed camera wastes proactive security measure


Bat colony removed from South Carolina hospital

40 bats found in Orangeburg facility after sightings


Hospital parking attendants wear CCTV cameras for own safety

Parking attendants in Scottish hospital wear cameras to prevent violence and aggression


Fire safety a constant focus at Vancouver nursing homes

Fatal Quebec fire brings flood of questions to elder care facilities


Installing healthcare security with HIPAA and OSHA in mind

What integrators need to know in a complex hospital environment


Alcohol rubs called good alternative to hand washing

Alcohol rubs are more efficient and convenient with higher antimicrobial properties than soap


SF General finds latest missing patient with new procedures

Procedures put in place recently in the wake of another missing patient who was found dead weeks after disappearing


'Germinator' fights hospital infections at Cincinnati hospital

Matched pair of light machines, each around five feet tall, about 15 inches around, and 54 pounds mounted on industrial casters, clean the room with UV light


Louisiana hospital adding screens against hurricane winds

More than 70 windows were pierced by debris during Hurricane Katrina, forcing patients to be moved to other parts of the hospital


Lack of knowledge hurts hand hygiene compliance, study says

Researchers talked to noncompliant healthcare workers to study hand washing habits


Minnesota hospital improving safety practices and looking to spread the word

St. Joe's staff trying to educate Hubbard County residents about the danger of falling and ways to prevent it


Silencing some hospital alarms may lead to better care

Boston Medical Center is attracting national attention as a hospital that apparently has conquered alarm fatigue


Missouri hospitals simplify 'code' calls

Plain language thought to heighten patient safety, increase response time


UK hospital opens infection control unit

Patients with infections previously were treated in 32 side rooms spread across West Suffolk hospital


Facilities focus on fire safety after Quebec fire

Long-term care facilities stress prevention measure in wake of fatal blaze at wood facility with no sprinklers.


Short sleeves recommended by infection control experts

White coats should be removed before patient contact, experts say


Dedham, Mass., health center ends use of alarms

There have been fewer falls and the number of falls that result in injury has remained stable.


Indian college to host meeting on hospital safety

The conference will explore standard, contemporary and futuristic approaches to create a safe environment at hospitals for patients and healthcare workers


Hospital water taps contaminated with bacteria

Research finds significantly higher levels of infectious pathogens in water from faucet taps with aerators compared to water from deeper in the plumbing system


CMS proposes rule on emergency preparedness

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services rule would establish national emergency preparedness requirements for 17 types of Medicare - and Medicaid-participating providers and suppliers



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