Environmental Services - April 2014

Monitoring infection-control cleaning results

Employing a science-based measurement to monitor cleaning will have the most favorable results


Challenges of infection-control cleaning

Within the healthcare facility, areas differ in terms of the infection- control cleaning methods needed in each space


New Orleans hospital admits dropping ball in fungal outbreak communication

Deadly fungus on hospital linens killed five patients between 2008 and 2009 at the medical facility


Preventing hospital-acquired infection transmission

Cleaning and disinfection can cut risk of HAI from cross-contamination from equipment and surfaces


Taming the hospital microbial ecosystem

Researchers are trying to understand hospitals' entire microbial ecosystem instead of just the impact of pathogens


Copper called safe, effective for infection control

Author responds to reader comments on an article in The Hospitalist about copper touch surfaces in hospitals


Guidance lacking for soft-surface decontamination

Lack of awareness surrounding the issue called biggest challenge in soft-surface decontamination


Effective terminal cleaning can curb HAIs

Daily disinfection of high-touch surfaces can help to prevent the spread of hospital-acquired infections


Scientists develop light-activated antimicrobial surface

New antibacterial material is deadly to bacteria when activated by light and also shows antibacterial properties in total darkness



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