Safety - November 2015

Hospitals urged to review disaster plans after Paris attacks

French mass-casualty response can be a guide


Best practices for infant security

Solutions offered to help a healthcare facility thwart infant abductions


Q&A on sealing penetrations in smoke barriers

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question about sealing penetrations in smoke barriers


FDA orders recall of 2,800 scope-washing machines

About 2,800 automated endoscope reprocessors made by Custom Ultrasonics are used by hospitals and outpatient clinics in the U.S.


CDC, ASHE partner on infection control

Three-year initiative to focus on infection control efforts in U.S. hospitals


Creating a healthcare facility campus security master plan

Creating this types of plan will better prepare a facility to provide needed information, control and awareness


Improving hospital security with integrated two-way radios

White paper encourages adopting digital radios and combining narrowband networks with Wi-Fi and cellular networks


New fire safety rules reviewed for long-term living facilities

Two new rules that would update fire safety and emergency preparedness standards for healthcare facilities


Tips on handling potentially hazardous medical waste

Sometimes seemingly minute details can fall through the cracks


Q&A on trash collection rooms

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question about trash collection rooms


San Francisco facility recognized for safety drills

Presidio Surgery Center honored for 'incredibly realistic' drills


Preparing for power outages at long-term living facilities

Even a brief power outage can potentially impact multiple systems, according to an article on the Long-term Living website


Saskatchewan hospital renews calls for improved safety after robbery scare

Employee confronted by two would-be robbers as he walked to work


Q&A on under-sink storage

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question about under-sink storage


A wellness approach to hospital security

Embracing a reactive law enforcement approach in a hospital setting leads officers to miss opportunity to intervene before a situation escalates


Are facilities prepared for the next Ebola?

Emory University Hospital physician says that critical funding for proper care and control of the spread of highly communicable diseases is being cut, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website



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