Information Technology - January 2016

BIM benefits for healthcare facilities management

Today’s data management systems lead to more effective life cycle management of building assets and equipment


Software can help connect healthcare facility's systems

Unconnected infrastructure can't give building operators, engineers and facility staffs data that can be used together to judge efficiency


ECRI list of healthcare innovations includes medical device cybersecurity

Cybersecurity gained greater attention in 2015 after the Hospira Symbiq Infusion System was hacked


Access credentials among trends in healthcare security

Controlling access in a facility that is considered to be ‘open’ to the public is a challenging concept


Benefits of implementing an electronic medical records system

Providers should remember three key factors when choosing a system for their urgent care center


The evolving role of the badge in healthcare facilities

Latest technologies support multiple access control applications on the same smart card


Visual hacking a new threat to healthcare data

Visual hacking is a practice during which hackers capture data with a camera



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