Safety - March 2016

Nurse calls for increased hospital safety after attack

University of Minnesota Medical Center nurse urges change after being attacked by patient


N.J. healthcare facility fighting for safer chemical regulations

Hackensack University Medical Center is working to rid healthcare devices and products of unsafe chemicals


C. diff called deadly plague American hospitals refuse to face

Opinion piece in the New York Post says hospitals and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are bungling their response to spread of infection


Hospital parking permit plan has staff fearing for safety

657 hospital employees were refused parking permits on site during normal working hours


Q&A on locks on patient sleeping rooms

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question about locks on patient sleeping rooms


Are biofilms from hospital shower pipes harmful?

Some new bacteria with characteristics of species known to be harmful were seen


Bacterial biofilms in hospital water pipes may be pathogenic

Researchers discover potentially pathogenic bacteria living inside water supply pipes


Working with law enforcement for better healthcare facility security

Communicating a potential threat to all staff members is key


Kansas College Hospitals to allow guns on campus

The hospitals will hire additional officers and ban guns in certain buildings


Ohio behavioral facility reviewing security after employees assaulted

Two court-ordered patients at Heartland Behavioral Healthcare escaped the facility by stealing an employee's car


Dealing with workplace violence at ambulatory care facilities

Freestanding site healthcare workers' risk may be elevated because police or security officers are not routinely assigned to these locations


Q&A on connecting bridges

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question about connecting bridges


Healthcare facilities evolving as America's obesity rates rise

Sturdier medical equipment and heavier-duty hospital beds have been developed, but lifts are still an issue


Elite are among America's germiest hospitals

One-third of hospitals rated by Consumer Reports got low scores on how well they prevent Clostridium difficile


Lead found in water at N.J. healthcare facility

The staff has been using bottled water in lieu of tap water for drinking and food preparation at Morristown Medical Center


Joint Commission updates sentinel event statistics

Most frequently reported types of events and the most frequently identified root causes are included


Are hand dryers germ spreaders?

New study says they do more harm than good


ERs working to improve autistic patients' experience

More healthcare facilities are adding comfort aids, quiet waiting rooms


Indiana hospital disarms its police officers

IU Health La Porte's security force was disarmed when Community Health Systems officially took ownership of 80 percent of the facility


Antibacterial properties of graphene-oxide explored

Coating medical instruments and devices in the carbon-based material could help to reduce infections


Do armed guards make health facility pharmacies safer?

Fifty-two percent of hospital security guards currently carry handguns, according to a 2014 International Healthcare Security and Safety Foundation report


Keeping elderly patients safe and secure

Video interview discusses the issues associated with providing a safe environment for patients with memory and other issues


Today's smoke evacuators clear surgical smoke at the source

Latest devices can be affordable, quiet and effective


Study finds increase in use when hand sanitizer is located in hospital lobby

Placing alcohol-based hand sanitizers in front of the visitor entrance increases visitor usage by 528 percent


Hospitals to cut purchases of furniture with antimicrobials

The Safer Chemicals Challenge is created to reduce the use of five chemicals in healthcare facilities


Cardiovascular care facility removes fabrics to boost infection control

Allegheny General Hospital's new $26 million cardiovascular care facility has minimal linen and no curtains


Designing a biocontainment unit

Early involvement of the frontline staff is crucial to creating a unit that meets the complex safety, operational, and psychological needs of clinicians, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Preparing for the emergencies in a healthcare facility

The challenge is to strike a balance between creating a secure facility and maintaining an open, welcoming environment


Q&A on interior finish

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question about interior finish


Throwback photo of disaster planning

St. Louis hospitals revise disaster planning after tornado


Study says copper surfaces destroy MRSA

Contamination often occurs via fingertips, drying rapidly unlike visible droplets


N.Y. hospital security manager puts safety first

Retired police senior investigator now at Putnam Hospital Center in Carmel



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