Security - November 2017

Tips for hiring healthcare cybersecurity pros

Cybersecurity requires people from all backgrounds and majors


Why your employees are the greatest risk to HIPAA compliance

Often, conversations about HIPAA violations center around technological issues. The remaining compliance violations are related to employee actions and behaviors.


Arming security officers with tablets may boost productivity

Tablets can streamline processes, improve communication


Maintaining security with contract cleaning staff

Improved and standardized security checks urged


Hawaii hospital boosts security after dangerous patient escapes to California

'Pathological predator' managed to fly to California before being caught


Indiana hospital starts own police force

Community Hospital Anderson formerly relied on officers from local communities


PCI FAQs and myths

Without a secure infrastructure to protect their sensitive information, patients risk having their financial information and even their identities stolen


Healthcare security: A prescription for strengthening audit trails, streamlining credentials and improving patient experience

More facility administrators are sending staff to training classes to get up to speed on the latest guidelines


Little-known IoT security issues shouldn't be ignored

Unfixable equipment, absent processes, platform questions and lifecycle management are just some of the challenges


Elderly couple dead after shooting at Ontario hospital

Two officers discharged their guns during the incident


Texas arson suspect tries to escape through hospital ceiling

Staff could see the ceiling sink under man's weight as he crawled around



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