Security - August 2017

Nurses seeking reforms in hospital security

The rate of violent incidents at hospitals appears to be growing


Survey: Most feel clinicians should protect patients during an active shooter event

Patients and hospital staff have different perceptions about the risk of active shooter events


71 percent of healthcare organizations have a cybersecurity budget

Survey shows healthcare organizations are enhancing their cybersecurity programs


N.H. women's prison will focus on healthcare

N.H. women's prison will focus on healthcare


Sixty percent of healthcare organizations have a senior executive overseeing cybersecurity

Survey shows differences in the cybersecurity programs when there's a chief information security officer


Hospital security is like an onion

Each layer – from the property perimeter to the innermost highly-sensitive areas – presents its own set of challenges that need to be addressed


Healthcare cybersecurity threat growing

The security of digital health has not kept up with its growth


AHA says violence cost healthcare facilities $2.7B in 2016

That number includes losses from uncompensated care and added security spending


Armed dementia patient triggers lock down at Florida hospital

Florida Hospital East patient was not threatening other patients or staff.


Survey: Data breaches a concern for 95 percent of hospital CIOs

Many healthcare facilities struggle to keep up with hackers


Report released on Milwaukee VA hospital's security

Overdose death of veteran is prompting changes


After-hours hospital security performing some triage duties

Private security guards are acting as the after-hours gatekeepers at Winnepeg's Misericordia Health Centre


Buffalo healthcare facility spent nearly $10 million recovering from massive cyberattack

Erie County Medical Center didn't pay the nearly $30,000 ransom


Joint Commission lists issues contributing to healthcare workplace settings

Violence in healthcare settings is underreported and growing


Despite design precautions, psychiatric facility had 3 suicides in 2016

Less than four years ago, the facility was built with all the latest best practices in suicide prevention in mind


Australian care facility accused of not safeguarding drugs, vetting killer nurse

Insulin storage issues also a focus of the claim


Healthcare facilities should prepare for cyberattack against power grid

Researchers urge hospitals to prepare for a cyberattack against the U.S. power grid


Jamaican government increasing security at public healthcare facilities

The Ministry of Health currently spending more than $727 million annually on security



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