Infection Control - July 2017

Jury orders Olympus to pay hospital $6.6 million but rejects claims scopes are unsafe

Hospital must pay $1 million to deceased patient’s family


Cutting costs in water management

CMS requires healthcare facilities to reduce Legionella risk in water systems


Healthcare laundries evolve to deal with emerging issues

Laundries competing in healthcare will need to be more professional in their operations


Black mold abatement underway at California hospital

Palm Drive Health Care District to pay for remodeling costs of Sonoma West Medical Center


Glasgow hospital lauded for hygiene turnaround

Previous inspections at Hairmyres Hospital found issues


Better cleaning and fewer antibiotics are cutting C. diff rates

Many healthcare facilities implemented stricter cleaning and infection control protocols


Stanford Hospital union issues a cautionary tale

Workers claimed that healthcare system had high rates of healthcare-associated infections due to inadequate staffing and training


Infection rates key in Stanford Hospital, union conflict

SEIU says hospital's poor infection control practices jeopardize safety


Study says bacteria adhesion does not depend on contact area size

Despite their spherical shape, the bacteria cannot be described as hard spheres when they interact with a surface


Healing from under your feet

How resilient flooring is helping fight hospital-associated infections


Hand and surface cleanliness support prevention of cross contamination

Frequently touched surfaces can collect infectious pathogens


HAI reduction program developed to support environmental services

Hospital improves infection control by educating housekeeping


Self-cleaning touch points can support infection control

Powered by light, the self-cleaning surface use mineral nanocrystals to create an oxidation reaction


New hospital hit by mold

Mold was found in a ward of the new Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong


Healthcare facility design can impact infection control

Environmental services should participate in the design process


Surface touch frequency & hand hygiene in the patient zone

A closer look at surface contamination and compliance rates


Study says recurring C. diff infections up 189% from 2001 to 2012

Findings indicate multiple recurring C. diff infections place an increased burden on healthcare system


Heater-cooler contamination found to be more common than previously believed

Devices have been linked to a number of infections


Study says that understanding how microbes interact with hospital surfaces is key to infection control

Previously, few studies focused on the hospital room microbiome and whether the data might affect room cleaning


Study says even clean hands can transmit MRSA in the NICU

Hospitals urged to not rely on hand hygiene alone for protecting patients


Better cleaning contributes to fall in C. diff rates

Healthcare facilities are adopting stricter cleaning standards


Best surface cleaning options depends on many factors

Whole-room disinfection robots may be part of best practices for outpatient facility


Canadian hospitals may have exposed 1,307 patients to hepatitis B and C

Some diabetic patients were potentially exposed during individual insulin training sessions


Cutting infection risk in high-traffic areas

Public spaces contain her own infection-risk issues



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