Maintenance and Operations - October 2018

A dozen real haunted hospitals

Article details spooky legends of the scariest healthcare facilities


Hospitals seeing continued flow of patients from outside the area hit hard by hurricane

Northeast Florida hospitals say their facilities withstood the storm and now are serving more patients


Do you have enough cardio suites for your structural heart and endovascular program?

Here are key contextual and analytical considerations as well as eight keys to decisively optimize strategy, planning and right sizing for structural heart program and endovascular facilities


Water scarcity makes case for conservation efforts

Access to potable water is a business continuity issue, but not enough organizations are prioritizing it


Emergency department has role in climate change

ERs can tribute to climate change mitigation and must prepare to respond to effects


Music's power to improve waiting room experience studied

Naval pilots concept uses music and nature to soothe


Overcrowding at Bronx hospital E.R. leaves patient stuck in hallways

Montefiore Medical Center staff bracing for flu season


Quad Cities nursing home facing deadline to fix sewage leaks

Pleasant Valley facing state deadline to repair ongoing leaks from its wastewater treatment facility


The contradiction of healthcare facility noise

The activities and systems that are necessary to deliver care and protect patients are the same that produce the noises that disturb patients and obstruct optimal outcomes


Laundry staff cuts leads to facility towel shortage

Cuts at Aussie facility leads to residents being dried with hand towels


Buildings addressing climate change

An increase in extreme weather and lack of federal action make the times seem dark. But facility managers are leading the charge against climate change.


Bomb hoax leads to evacuation of Australian hospital

A total of 36 people were evacuated from the hospital, seven of them in surgery and one anesthetized who had to be woken up


Designing for LTC patients under 65

According to the 2015 data, in 2014 15.5 percent of long-term care patients were under 65, up from 10 percent in 1998


How to improve workflow in the critical care unit

Other top issues included data and analytics, total consumer health, population health services, value-based payments and the digital healthcare organization



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