Energy and Power - August 2018

Energy improvements at Louisiana hospital to save $200K a year

The improvement measures include replacing water management fixtures


Integrating lighting systems in healthcare facilities

Range of codes and standards can make integration a challenge


Healthcare facilities' energy efficiency improves air quality

Salt Lake City Op-Ed says healthcare facilities' energy efficiency efforts can impact community health


LED benefits, strategies illuminated

The most effective applications depend on matching advances in the technology to facility needs


More US hospitals going green to save green

Healthcare facilities are responsible for nearly 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions


Boosting energy efficiency with building envelope retrofit

Other benefits include improved appearance and uninterrupted workflow


What to consider when planning for an industrial generator

Age, hours, and fuel type play significant roles in your decision-making process.


Patient satisfaction drives lighting investment decisions

Patient satisfaction and overall comfort can provide a cost benefit that outweighs any electronic dashboard savings


Net zero energy is the future of facilities

Practices, considerations for an ultra-efficient building


The future of electrical power in healthcare facilities

The way power delivery will be accomplished in the future is likely via a wireless power delivery system since plugs are at a premium in hospitals



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