Maintenance and Operations - September 2018

Nurse describes patient's cleaning liquid death

The cleaning liquid was in a jug beside her bed at the Royal Sussex County Hospital


Repairs underway after Pennsylvania hospital finds mold

Mold found in 'small spots' in Chambersburg Hospital


Identifying plumbing upgrade goals

Water conservation, less maintenance and improved hygiene are all popular targets of system improvements


How UC Medical Center dealt with Cincinnati shooting

UCMC is a Level I trauma center, the only such facility in the region


Facilities as strategic assets: Navigating the digital transformation of building products and services

The building products, services and solutions industry is being transformed


Prioritizing hospital CEOs’ #1 priority: Cost control and the physical environment

Even as hospitals and their systems grow larger, 62 percent of surveyed CEOs identify “preparing the enterprise for sustainable cost control” as their top priority.


Step aside millennials: Welcome the new kids on the block

Modern software can ease the challenge and facilitate adjustments, helping HR teams respond with agility to workforce generational changes.


Alternative strategies can eliminate rock salt in snow removal plan

Pre-spreading salt brine and using potassium formate may allow facility managers to eliminate rock salt


LTC managers urged to embrace new maintenance technology

It is important that all maintenance tasks and activities be organized and efficient


Taking the sting out of snow and ice removal

By addressing issues such as outsourcing, facility needs, levels of services now, managers can streamline responses to storms when winter comes


Understanding energy-saving water heater options

Advances in technology in domestic hot water delivery are worth a fresh look



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