Information Technology - June 2019

Power over Ethernet (PoE) synchronized wall clocks: A timely choice in new construction and renovation healthcare projects

For facilities rich in Ethernet infrastructure, achieving a perfectly synchronized clock system could not get any easier than simply plugging in a CAT5/6 cable.


Infrared imaging comes of age

Technology and application advances put more power in the hands of managers and technicians


Key steps to a smart building

Internet of things devices are intended to serve as components that can be linked together to form a truly smart building


Tech can help healthcare facilities guard against disaster

Keeping health IT systems up and running is critical


Robocalls can disrupt hospital communication systems

A study found that EMS practiced hand hygiene before patient contact in just 7% of assessments


Smart toilets can help identify health problems

One toilet seat contains devices that measure blood oxygenation levels, heart rate, and blood pressure


Patient care’s next frontier: The Internet of Things

IoT devices allow users, like healthcare facility managers, to collect critical data, analyze said data and then react to it based on real-time information


The future of telehealth and what it means for facilities management

Telehealth is putting a 21st century spin on the old-fashioned house call


Healthcare data interoperability market to reach $3 billion by 2025

Increasing technological advancements in healthcare data interoperability software will positively influence industry growth in coming years


Technology is evolving in healthcare facilities

New demands, practices, and yes, technology, are reshaping healthcare facilities


Internet of Medical Things transforming healthcare

A strong network needs proper prevention and detection measures for security threats



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