Information Technology - July 2019

BAS's role in facilities management

The BAS can assist FMs in promoting a safe, productive and efficient work environment


IoT security is critical to healthcare

Traditional cybersecurity sometimes lapses when it comes to the IoT


The ABC of Blue Button: APIs and the future of healthcare patient data

Application Programming Interface (API) is redefining accessibility of data in the healthcare ecosystem


Healthcare cybersecurity market size to exceed $27 billion by 2025

Increasing incidences of healthcare data leaks is forecasted to boost healthcare cybersecurity industry growth during the analysis period


Cybersecurity still possible on a tight budget

A good information security plan can be affordable


Artificial intelligence is reshaping facilities management

AI is already reshaping both how buildings are designed and operated


Smart hospitals market experiencing high demand for hospital-based software

The market is likely to gain from increasing incidence of chronic diseases and further rising demand for hospitals


mHealth market will register 38.0% CAGR Growth to cross $289.4 billion by 2025

Growing prevalence of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiac diseases will drive mHealth market growth in the coming years



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