Security - July 2019

N.C. hospital security now scanning visitor photo IDs

The technology will create a personalized badge with a visitor's photo and patient room number


Man pulls gun on Winnipeg hospital security guards

The man was part of a violent disturbance in the Children’s Hospital at the Health Sciences Centre


While healthcare facility shootings are still rare, assaults are not

Shootings like the recent one in a Baltimore drug treatment center draw attention to violent incidents


10 steps to workplace violence reduction

It takes more than a policy, class or lecture


Cybersecurity is a top safety issue for healthcare facilities

Cybersecurity was listed behind severe weather and active shooter incidents


The blueprint for IoT infrastructure in healthcare

Developments in technology that contribute to the Internet of Things are introducing some extremely interesting innovations for healthcare providers


Maintaining healthcare facility security during chaos

Facilities rely on cameras and professional security


Tips for hiring healthcare cybersecurity pros

Cybersecurity requires people from all backgrounds and majors


IAHSS Foundation recognizes achievements in healthcare security

Several hospital security programs were recognized at the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety


Key aspects to updating your security infrastructure

Start by discussing plans for growth and development


Data shows $117,000 in thefts from Minn. assisted living facility residents

Research showed the average amount lost was $1,130


Cybersecurity responsibility shared by entire healthcare supply chain

Increased use of connected medical devices and software and wireless technology have made health systems more vulnerable


Using biometrics on the healthcare campus

Fingerprint authentication can make physical access control systems more secure


Oregon program addresses healthcare workplace violence

Healthcare association creates customizable toolkit


Canadian hospitals adding secure safe rooms

Patients in crisis could wait up to 72 hours for transfer to other facilities


What healthcare must understand about cybersecurity

Healthcare organizations continue to be the subject of attacks by hackers seeking access to patient data for resale on the black market


How to maintain security devices

Diligence is key to protecting equipment from damage and loss


Automated doors can provide both access and security to healthcare facilities

Different types of entrances present their own challenges


Confusion during lockdown of N.C. hospital blamed on ‘unclear policies and protocols’

Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro plans revisions to policies


Why are there so many security breaches in healthcare?

Cybercriminals steal billions of dollars every year


Oregon State Hospital staff injuries rose in 2018

Facility is strained to admit new patients


Tips for medical device cybersecurity

Device cybersecurity called the biggest challenge hospitals face today


Concealed carry: Laws and permit numbers by state

Campus Safety website offers a breakdown of common terminology, laws, requirements and permits issued by state


Making the right door choices for security

Doors, locks, and other door hardware must be chosen carefully


HHS releases healthcare cybersecurity best practices

Guidance includes 10 best practices for mitigating hacking threats



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