HVAC - January 2020

Achieving a high-performance HVAC system

No building system has more impact on long-term facility operating costs than HVAC. Understand the true costs of HVAC, both initially and while in operation


Vermont healthcare facility reopening operating rooms after mysterious odor

Staff have installed carbon monoxide detectors and air sampling canisters in the buildings, and employees will wear detectors


Planning and budgeting key to sustainable HVAC

Step one in achieving sustainable HVAC design is organizational buy-in


Seattle Children’s Hospital's mold issues spur class-action suit

Suit alleged hospital engaged in a coverup of problems


HVAC issues stall surgeries at Mo. hospital

Pinnacle Regional Hospital’s sterilization room didn’t have the right pressure, temperature and humidity


Study finds air quality can impact effectiveness of antibiotics

Bacteria that cause respiratory infections can be affected by air pollution


Geothermal delivers savings

Investment in geothermal technology drives its energy efficiency to the top of the list


Air quality's role in infection prevention can be overlooked

Having the right tools to communicate the importance of temperature and humidity is important


How to handle a major HVAC upgrade

Following plan can help ensure upgrade isn't disruptive to regular operations



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