Energy and Power - August 2020

Selecting the Right Steam Control Mechanism

Moving beyond ‘business as usual’ regulators and relief valves to explore different steam control options


Solar-Powered Hospitals Saving Lives in Congo

The installation at a hospital consists of 100 solar panels and seven batteries capable of accumulating the necessary energy to run the facilities for two full days


Clean Energy Microgrid Built For Covid-19 Hospital In Migrant Camp

Batteries combined with photovoltaics provide power for the pop-up clinic


A Healthcare Facility Lighting Retrofit Checklist

How do you begin to coordinate and come up with funds to replace lighting systems across thousands of square feet?


CHP Systems Offer Energy Efficiency At The Source

A loss of power can have devastating effects, particularly in hospitals and healthcare facilities that need reliable power to keep their patients alive and healthy


The Importance Of Surge Protection In Healthcare Facilities

Ventilators and other monitors must have a constant stream of power to reduce risks to patients


Microgrids in Hospitals Can Support Bolster Public Health

Hospitals need electricity for critical functions such as ventilators and dialysis machines



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