Information Technology - April 2021

Campaign Seeks to Bolster Cyber Attack Defenses

FBI, CISA have issued several warnings about malicious actors exploiting software vulnerabilities


Cyber Attack Disrupts Cancer Treatments

About 42 U.S. healthcare sites saw service disrupted as result of breach


COVID-19 Presents Healthcare IT with Challenges

Pandemic reshaping healthcare IT in ways that affect leadership, employees and patients


Hospital Data Breach Affects 135,000

Former employee saved private data to personal folders and uploaded files to a public website


CyberSecurity Incident Response: Developing a Plan

Departments having trouble keeping pace with advances cybercriminals are making


Building a Wall Against Cyber Attacks

Organizations should first address low-hanging fruit to protect this information


In-House Mishap Exposes Data of 4,000 Patients

Protected health information had been accidentally uploaded and exposed


Case Study: SaaS Brings Savings, Resilience to Hospital

Application helps Ontario facility meet building savings and sustainability goals


What’s the Password? Too Often, Answer Is Easy

Despite recommendations to use strong, unique passwords, people continue using weak codes


Email Attack Affects 221,000 Patients and Physicians

Sensitive information in accounts includes Social Security numbers, birthdates, and addresses


Health Insurer’s Data Breach Affects 1.2 Million

Breached information might include birthdates, insurance numbers and addresses


Health Systems Leaving Valuable Data Exposed: Report

Nearly 20 percent of files are open to every employee in organizations


Key Tactics To Defend Against Cyber Attacks

Smaller medical facilities might be at greater risk because they did not have a decade to formalize cybersecurity



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