Maintenance and Operations - July 2022

Healthcare Merger and Acquisitions Down in 2022’s Second Quarter

Healthcare merger and acquisition deal value totals showed quarterly declines.


Healthcare Supply Chain Needs Technology Upgrades

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, healthcare executives have committed to bringing greater levels of automation and digitization to their supply chains. 


Assisted Living Workforce Crisis Getting Worse

Nearly one-half of assisted living providers are concerned they might have to close their facilities if workforce challenges persist


COVID’s Influence On Senior Care Design Trends

Facility spaces need to incorporate technology and a sense of community.


Black Nursing Home Residents Transferred to Hospitals More Often

A study by the University of Missouri found that repeat transfers are high for Black nursing home residents and those under 65.


4 Investments All Senior Care Facilities Should Make

Survey reveals substantial barriers to adequately care and house seniors.


Rules and Regulations Doors and Hardware Must Follow

Doors and hardware manufacturers discuss what requirements they follow to be more accessible.


COVID Forces Companies to Reconsider Leasing Vs Owning Buildings

More companies are considering leasing new properties in the future as COVID makes an impact on real estate. 


Healthcare Facilities Require Collaboration within the Supply Chain

Healthcare supply chains have been placed under enormous pressure as the COVID-19 continues to evolve into new variants.


Get Remix’d at NFMT in Las Vegas

NFMT Remix makes its long-awaited return to Las Vegas, November 2-3, 2022 at the Paris Las Vegas Resort Conference Center.


CMS Releases Proposed Conditions for Rural Emergency Hospital Designation

The goal for the proposed Rural Emergency Hospital rule is to establish Conditions of Participation to ensure the health and safety of patients who will receive these services.


Healthcare Facilities Compliance: What Lies Ahead

Facilities managers involved in compliance face a range of new and expanded regulations and standards.


Healthcare Facilities Compliance: Expanding Challenges

Facilities managers responsible for compliance face expanded regulations and standards and must work with systems and resources upended by the pandemic.


Philadelphia Nursing Home to Close by Year End

The 402-bed long-term care nursing facility will help relocate residents to new living situations by the end of October.


Senators Reject Plan to Overhaul VA Hospitals

Senators say they would not proceed with nominees to serve on the Asset and Infrastructure Review Commission.


Prioritizing Facility Needs: Fundamental Strategies

To meet infrastructure needs, managers need to focus on critical areas to address and identify potential strategies to help facilities prepare for emergencies.


Senior Care Facilities to Provide Safer Environment for Residents

Senior care facilities are addressing four main areas of safety concerns in order to better protect residents.


Red Fish Healing Center Supports Dual Addiction and Mental Health Recovery Through Calming Environment

Red Fish Healing Center is setting a new standard for mental health treatment and recovery.



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