Red Fish Healing Center Supports Dual Addiction and Mental Health Recovery Through Calming Environment

Red Fish Healing Center is setting a new standard for mental health treatment and recovery.

By HFT Staff
July 1, 2022

Red Fish Healing Center in Coquitlam, British Columbia, is setting a new standard for mental health treatment and recovery. The 105-bedroom facility is a leading-edge center for mental health treatment and substance abuse and addiction, marking the first such facility in North America to provide these services under one roof.  

With dignity of the patient front and center in the design, the $130 million rehabilitation hub is designed to treat those who are simultaneously experiencing the most severe and complex mental health crises and substance addictions. Treating both issues at once empowers patients to heal holistically with the support of one team and one facility’s expansive resources rather than attempting to battle issues independently. This approach is believed to encourage more sustainable recovery outcomes, as addiction on its own can often feed mental health issues, such as depression. 

Providing a beacon of hope for patients, Red Fish prioritizes trauma-informed practice, dignity, therapeutic spaces and programs, and virtual healthcare in care delivery. Part of this experience involved selecting the behavioral health-grade furniture that would strike the perfect balance of functional, durable, and comfortable. To support this goal, the Red Fish design team, led by Parkin Architects, selected products from Stance Healthcare, which has a specialty in Behavioral Health design. Among the products supporting a environment at Red Fish are: Stance’s behavioral-health grade Resilia Drum Table, which offers durability and soft curves for maximum safety and longevity in high-use settings; adaptable and comfortable Onward Bench for Behavioral Health, which offers a sturdy and clean design with its fully welded metal structural framework; and their behavioral-health grade Fortress beds, desks, bedside tables, wardrobes and dressers, all of which are designed to bring a residential-style warmth to behavioral health facilities while ensuring a high level of durability and considering for the safety and well-being of patients and staff.  

The facility draws inspiration from its natural surroundings with indigenous artwork displays throughout, and it conveys a sense of calm for patients, who enjoy privacy from the comfort of their individual rooms. Elsewhere throughout the facility, patients enjoy calming and inviting interior design elements, including: soothing tones and textures; natural and therapeutic lighting; green spaces and gardens; learning and visiting areas, including spaces to gather with families and friends; and communal kitchen spaces. 

Red Fish offers patients access to several types of environments not typically offered in a traditional treatment setting. Special areas unique to the facility include an art room and kitchen, which were added into the facility to allow patients to have spaces that allow them to learn new skills and help them transition back into society. Other areas include smudging rooms, which are indigenous prayer rooms integrated into the facility.  

Given these distinguishing factors, Red Fish patients experience care that prioritizes their mental wellness and substance-free living, as well as their physical wellness, how they can live a meaningful life, and their eventual transition to care in their home communities. 

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