Infection Control - July 2022

UV Disinfection Technology Gets Boost

Ultraviolet technology is moving to center stage of efforts to improve its performance and reliability.


Lessons Hospitals Learned from COVID-19

Healthcare Association of New York State identified underlying system and process causes and contributing factors that resulted in an overwhelmed healthcare delivery system.


Monkeypox Transmission in Healthcare Setting is Low

Transmission to healthcare personnel in endemic settings is well described, but to date it appears to be rare in well-resourced settings, according to the researchers.


CDC: Pandemic Hurt U.S. Antimicrobial Resistance

A CDC report concludes threat of antimicrobial-resistant infections is not only still present but has gotten worse.


Top Areas to Keep Clean in Senior Care Facilities

Proper training on cleaning high-touch surfaces proves to be essential for senior care facilities.


Lessons from the Custodial Frontlines

Despite the relative simplicity of infection prevention principles, achieving the goal is not easy.


CMS Issues Guidance on Long-Term Care Compliance

The guidance aims to support the implementation of the Long-Term Care (LTC) Facilities Requirements for Participation that were published in 2016.


OSHA Extends COVID-19 Program for Healthcare Facilities

Rise in hospitalizations reinforces the need to continue prioritizing inspections at hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes.



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