Information Technology

Eight cybersecurity tools your healthcare facility needs today

Many companies are simply not investing enough in IT security, despite the obvious threats


Study finds better IT security doesn’t deter cyberattacks

Institutional factors found to play the biggest role


Healthcare data breach: What to know about them and what to do after one

Three steps you can take to protect yourself and minimize the damage


Managing medical records: A guide for facilities and providers

Document management technologies can adjoin these competing philosophies and practices for the better, especially as it pertains to managing medical records


FCC rate review holding up subsidies to rural healthcare facilities internet bills

The rate review came after the $400 million dollars for rural health care programs across the country ran out


Students design talking exam room

University of Miami's School of Architecture students design tech-embedded wall


Fax machines alive and well in some doctor’s offices

Regulations and technological limitations and stubbornness get much of the credit


Staff compliance, fast updating are key to healthcare facility cybersecurity

American Health Information Management Association developed a list of best practices


Healthcare artificial intelligence market to record a CAGR of 40 percent over 2017-2024

U.S. to prominently drive the regional compound annual growth rate


Revealing the true cost of patient care

New cost accounting strategies and tools


IoT security is critical to healthcare

Traditional cybersecurity sometimes lapses when it comes to the IoT


Seattle hospital upgrades communications system

Valley Medical Center is expanding deployment of secure communication system


VA expands telehealth regulations

The Department of Veterans Affairs is expanding its reach into more remote areas


Health intelligent virtual assistant market is disrupting industry

Health intelligent virtual assistant market to be characterized by the massive exploitation of IoT and artificial intelligence


App technology is designed for healthcare facility wayfinding

A study has shown that 30 to 40 percent of patients and visitors get lost at the hospital


Cyberattackers exploit healthcare data security weaknesses

The healthcare sector is the most targeted industry in the first quarter of 2018



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