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Telehealth Grows Amid Pandemic and Is Likely To Stay

Virtual visits must focus on patient experience to be a viable option


Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare Skyrocket

Attacks against healthcare organizations have jumped about 45 percent since early November


Report Faults Security Efforts for Patient Information

Only 6 percent of audited organizations adequately fulfilled requirements for reducing risks and vulnerabilities


Ransomware Attacks Continue to Plague Healthcare

Facilities are implementing measures designed to keep critical data safe and secure


Cyberattack Tactics Included Guessing Passwords

Perpetrators of the attack used common hacker techniques to get passwords


Healthcare Facilities Eye Blockchain To Address Challenges

Blockchain can do many things, from providing secure encryption of patient information to handling epidemics


Hospitals Receive Ransomware Alert

The advisory finds that malicious cyber actors are increasingly targeting the healthcare sector


Revisiting IT Issues as Vaccine Rollout Expands

The IT infrastructure in many hospitals and healthcare facilities might not be up to the task of a successful vaccination program


Healthcare IT Responds to Battle Pandemic

Adoption skyrocketed as hospitals, health systems and facility managers increasingly relied on digital health technologies


Cybersecurity Challenges in 2021: What Lies Ahead?

COVID-19, vaccines and cyberattacks upend traditional operations


RFID Offers a Range of Benefits to Facilities

The tools use wireless communication to identify and track assets and equipment


Hospital Endures 550 Cyber Attacks Daily

Attacks come as federal authorities warn of credible, ongoing and persistent threat to hospital's systems


IT Cost Controls in the COVID-19 Era

Changes in revenues force managers to explore new ways to ensure care continuity with limited funds and staff resources


Telehealth, Security and the Impact of COVID-19

Ditching telehealth isn’t an option, but the technology to provide virtual care securely often leaves much to be desired


Tailoring Cybersecurity Disaster Recovery to Facility Needs

Managers understand both the vulnerable areas of facilities and key operations that must be protected


Ramping Up Security for Healthcare IT

Systems contain highly sensitive data that, if compromised, could jeopardize staff and customer privacy


Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on IT in 2020

From telehealth and remote patient monitoring to remote work strategies and increased cyberattacks, IT had to revisit strategies


Robots Deployed To Deliver Hospital Medications

Meds-to-beds program includes secure, autonomous robotic delivery of prescribed medications


Cybersecurity Apt To Remain Challenging in 2021

2021 is likely to see ongoing threats and vulnerabilities affecting the healthcare industry


Hospitals Boosting Email Security

Additional restrictions implemented to help prevent ransomware attacks


Working In Multiple Nursing Homes May Spread The Virus

Research has found that on average each nursing home is connected to seven others through staff movement


Building Analytics Strategies For COVID-19 Building Operations

As occupancy levels fluctuate during the pandemic, building analytics can help FMs fine-tune equipment to run efficiently


Disaster Preparedness – Considerations On Cybersecurity And Resiliency

Planning starts with the end result in mind, but along the way, there are other key goalposts


Protecting Practices And Patient Data During COVID-19

Renovating to create segregated areas and reconfigure existing spaces will be key


Hospices Work To Keep Families Connected With COVID Patients

Hospices have had to get creative about how they help infectious patients safely maintain contact with their families


IoT Reshapes Healthcare By Cutting Costs, Increasing Efficiency

Healthcare is a prime candidate for IoT solutions


Healthcare Cybersecurity Consistently A Concern

With technology and the movement of information on virtual and cloud systems, there are vulnerabilities


Selecting the Right CMMS

CMMS selection requires matching specific project and facility goals with the capabilities and functionality of the system


Ransomware Attack Leads To Death Of Patient In Germany

Woman died after being diverted to facility 20 miles away when hackers shut down hospital where she was being admitted


Healthcare Tech Supporting COVID-19 Fight

Some hospitals are using remote surveillance to monitor COVID-19 patients on ventilators



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