Infection Control

Investigation finds bone, blood, bugs on Colorado hospital surgical tools

Denver’s Porter Adventist Hospital investigated after alleged sterilization breach


Healthcare facility environmental services managers share top concerns

Role of the environmental services department in patient care often underestimated


Pediatric flu death toll highest in nearly a decade

Flu killed 172 children between October and May


Don't overdo medical waste disposal at healthcare facilities

If staff knows what medical waste actually is, a skilled nursing facility can save time and money


UC San Diego hospital cited for dirty surgical equipment

'Immediate jeopardy' declared at UC San Diego’s Hillcrest campus


Study says asymptomatic C. diff. carriers key source of HAIs

About 19 percent of healthcare-related Clostridium difficile cases at a VA facility were linked to asymptomatic C. diff carriers


Physicians say Mississippi children's hospital has 'pervasive mold and cockroaches'

Exit of 30 physicians from Batson Children's Hospital has sparked litigation, accusations


Long-term care facilities need consistent, effective cleaning processes

Properly cleaning and disinfecting resident rooms and common areas can help reduce disease transmission


Two Kentucky hospitals had more MRSA infections than almost all others in the U.S.

The University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital and Norton Healthcare in Louisville each had 40 MRSA bloodstream infections between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017


Hand-washing technology can reduce germs in healthcare restrooms

Healthcare establishments (hospitals, clinics, and doctors' and dentists' offices) cause 41 percent of Americans to have the highest level of germ concerns tied to hand washing


What should LTC facilities do after triclosan hand soaps banned?

On Dec. 20, manufacturers can no longer manufacture and distribute triclosan antibacterial handwashes for the healthcare market


Visitor says she was bitten by bedbugs at Columbus hospital

Woman claims she was bitten as she waited for her friend to recover from surgery


FDA issues update on agency’s response to Ebola outbreak

FDA using global networks to support international response efforts


Namibian healthcare 'spotless' after national cleanup

Roads, schools, clinics, hospitals and open-spaces at villages, towns and cities were spruced up in the campaign


U.S. hospitals monitoring Ebola situation in Africa

An outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has led to a reported 58 cases and 27 deaths


Study finds sharps containers do not contribute to C. diff spread

The study was published in the American Journal of Infection Control.


CDC issues update on Ebola outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises healthcare providers in the U.S. to continue to get travel history from patients


Green roofs attract more than good feelings and LEED points

There are a number of ways to keep pests to a minimum


Antimicrobial copper gaining popularity in healthcare facilities

The copper continuously kill 99.9% of infectious bacteria


Does biohazardous waste get a label or a bag?

Incorrect waste segregation and labeling are among the most common violations for healthcare facilities


Hospital food can carry MRSA, VRE

The study shows one or more food specimens were positive for pathogens


Reusable medical scopes harbor bacteria after cleaning

More than 70 percent of scopes tested positive for bacteria


Va. health system works to improve cleaning protocol uniformity

Sentara Healthcare recently initiated a campaign to assess the practices used to clean patient rooms


How worried should U.S. be about Ebola outbreak?

Patients have turned up in Mbandaka, a city of more than a million on the banks of the Congo River


Two more cases of Ebola confirmed in urban area of Congo

Total of three cases confirmed in city of 1 million people


NIH officials responding to Ebola outbreak

U.S. health experts on ‘high alert’


Nurses call for use of animals on hospital wards

Royal College of Nursing guidance includes information on infection control, allergy considerations


Denver patient says surgery was canceled due to contaminated tools

Porter Adventist patient said doctor had to abort his spinal surgery after discovering 'contaminant' on surgical instruments


New guidelines issued for infection control in GI endoscopy

American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy rules based on a critical review of the most current data


Reassuring patients about facility cleanliness

Review cleaning procedures and improve whatever needs an upgrade


Study ranks Iowa mostly prepared to handle public health emergency

A national study says Iowa's overall health security level is just under the national average


Ebola is back in the news — make sure your facility is ready

Healthcare facilities should have a pandemic plan and the staff needs to be familiar with it


How infection prevention can be improved in healthcare facilities

According to the Field Epidemiology Manual, environment is the main source of infection transmission


WHO promotes hand hygiene in healthcare facilities

Good hand hygiene, including among patients and health workers helps stop the spread of infection


Disposable cleaning products can help reduce HAIs

More healthcare facilities are adopting single-use, disposable microfiber cleaning tools


UV energy can reduce HAIs

To eliminate pathogens from high-touch surfaces, hospitals can incorporate UV disinfection technology


Flu activity reported down for fourth consecutive week

Only 1 of 10 U.S. regions reported outpatient flu activity at or above region-specific baselines


Privacy curtains challenge infection control efforts

Most facilities are still using privacy curtains to avoid expensive remodels


Photos of messy VA hospital exam room go viral

An internal investigation is underway to determine why the vet was placed in a dirty room


Scabies outbreak kills 93-year-old in Georgia nursing home

Shepherd Hills had multiple scabies outbreaks in recent years and a history of health violations


S.D. hospital mixing medical waste with common trash

Despite city warnings, healthcare facility still mixing waste types


Flies in operating rooms force VA hospital to postpone surgeries

West Los Angeles veterans hospital struggling with insect infestation


1,000 hospitals get a Leapfrog 'C' or worse

Safety and infection control common issues for facilities


Clean hospitals, hands best tools to reduce C. diff

A new study suggests combining the efforts results in a larger decrease than delivering those interventions on their own


There's room for improvement in controlling Legionella

Legionnaires’ disease has been on the rise in the United States since 2000


Hospitals, manufacturers still struggling to clean medical scopes

New study says 71 percent of reusable medical scopes tested positive for bacteria after cleaning


Two reasons why ambulatory care facilities struggle with infection control standards

The Joint Commission highlights problematic standards for office-based surgery practices


Study finds most endoscopes contain bacterial growth after reprocessing

Studies suggest current reprocessing methods are ineffective


How can hand-hygiene compliance be improved?

The CDC says healthcare providers are cleaning their hands less than half as much as they should be


Monitoring systems support hand-hygiene efforts

New technologies include electronic and video hand hygiene monitoring systems


Porter Adventist Hospital infection breach linked to human error

The breach came from the tools not being cleaned properly and potentially containing bioburden


Patients at S.C. hospital develop waterborne bacterial infection after surgery

Twenty-seven women who needed surgery at Roper Hospital in 2016 and 2017 developed a bacterial infection



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