Infection Control

Best Disinfecting Practices Unveiled by Top Experts

Environmental services professionals weigh in on the most effective steps to take.


Cleaning Reduces Infection Risks for Patients

Patients deserve an environment that features clean and sanitary surfaces.


Biting Back: Treating and Preventing Bed Bugs in Healthcare

Coordinating with pest control professionals is critical to dealing with bed bug infestations.


Bringing Hospital Cleaning into the 21st Century

Hospital leaders should consider the risk of antimicrobial resistance and infection and compensate those who prevent them.


How Clean Do Hard Nonporous Surfaces Need to Be?

Removing dirt from surfaces, whether visible or not, is fundamental to better patient outcomes.


ASHRAE Standard 241 Comes in Time for Virus Season

Standard 241 focuses on reducing the risk of airborne aerosol transmission.


Cabell Huntington Hospital Fights Legionella Spread

Legionella grows in water, making water heaters and plumbing conduits for its spread.


CDC Publishes Study on CRKP in New York City Public Health System

Hand hygiene, protective equipment and cleaning can help protect against drug-resistant bacteria spread.


How To Choose Disinfectants for Emerging Viral Pathogens

Environmental services managers must be confident they are using a disinfectant that can eliminate a pathogenic virus on a surface.


Choosing a Disinfectant from a Crowded Field

It's time to clear out stock rooms, standardize products and select a new disinfectant.


APIC Voices Concern Over Nursing Home Infection Preventionists

The association finds that there are too few infection preventionists on staff in nursing homes.


CDC Releases Hospital Sepsis Program Core Elements

It is intended to be a “manager’s guide” to organizing staff and identifying the resources that can help bring sepsis rates down.


How Effective are Acoustics Materials at Stopping Germ Spread?

Acoustics manufacturers discuss the effectiveness of materials stopping germ spread.


Preventing Mold in Healthcare Facilities

Mold should always be on top of managers’ minds.


The Science Behind Surface Decontamination 

Keeping hospitals and other healthcare facilities clean is a crucial patient care and risk management issue.


Preventing Legionella Bacteria Proliferation in Water Heaters

Water heater manufacturers discuss preventing Legionella proliferation.


Can Biofilm Make Candida Auris More Dangerous? 

Everyone involved in cleaning must better understand the type of disinfectants required to control biofilms, especially those created by C. auris fungus.


Measuring IAQ Is Crucial in Healthcare Facilities

Indoor air quality data can help prevent hospital-acquired infections.


Standard Needed for Electrostatic Application of Disinfectant

Using electrostatic sprayers without pre-cleaning surfaces is merely hygiene theater.


Pathogen Removal Strategies for Infection Control

There is growing appreciation of high-touch environmental surfaces as vehicles for pathogens in hospitals and other healthcare settings.


Infection Preventionists Call on Biden Administration to Better Protect Seniors

APIC is asking the Biden Administration to require minimum infection prevention staffing in senior care facilities. 


Solving the Infection Prevention Puzzle

Hospitals once tested surfaces for bacteria, but in 1970, the CDC and the American Hospital Association advised them to stop.


Pioneer Valley Ophthalmic Consultants Hit with Malware

Over 36,000 patients had some of their protected health information exposed.


Employees Call to Halt Surgeries After Finding Contaminated Trays

Unknown substances were found on surgical trays, prompting employees to call for a suspension on all surgeries.


What You Should Know About C. Auris and Biofilm

One EVS technician with the right disinfectant and the proper amount of time, can prevent more C. auris than a roomful of doctors can cure.


Majority of Americans Avoid Surfaces, Touchpoints in Shared Restrooms

Users will go out of their way to avoid germs in public restrooms.


CMS Updates Regulations Regarding COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements for Healthcare Staff

The new changes to regulations withdrew the requirement for vaccination.


Can Adding Moisturizer to Hand Soaps Help Fight Skin Irritation from Frequent Handwashing?

Soap manufacturers join to discuss what kind of moisturizers can be included in hand soaps.


How Touchless Soap Dispensers and Nursing Station Hand Sanitizers Affect Germ Spread

Soap manufacturers discuss how both play a role in preventing the spread of germs.


Study Shows Air Purification Reduces Healthcare Acquired Infections

Indoor air quality is heavily affected by both HVAC systems and filtration.



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