Infection Control

4 Factors in COVID-19 Spread in Long-Term Care

Staff member infections, facility size among the factors associated with cases and deaths


Decade-Long Legionnaires' Outbreak Tied to Michigan Hospital: CDC

state reported 90 cases of Legionnaires' disease during 2014 and 2015


Senior Care Facilities Go to the Dogs To Detect COVID-19

Dogs identify coronavirus via sweat samples from individuals


COVID-19 Highlights Issue of Superbugs in Hospitals

Every year, hundreds of millions of people admitted to hospitals end up with dangerous infections


COVID-19: Study Reveals Role of Housekeeping in Patient Health

Antimicrobial measures in hospitals and healthcare facilities with COVID-19 wards need to be amped up


Case Study: Deactivating the Coronavirus with Doorway Air Curtains

A well-established technology, bipolar ionization is now an option offered inside air curtains


COVID-19 Spotlight Falls on Environmental Services

Vaccine priorities for those who do the humblest work in hospitals filled with COVID-19 patients


Using UVC Light To Disinfect Shoes

It’s easy for shoes to cross-contaminate surfaces in hospitals


Floors in Spotlight in Battle Against Pathogens and illness

Hospital room floors are quickly and frequently contaminated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria within hours of patient admission


Keep on Truckin’: Vans Deliver Vaccines to Rural Hospitals

Trucks will bring vials to small, remote hospitals across a 200,000-square-mile area


UV LEDs Show Promise in Killing Coronavirus: Researchers

Researchers investigated the disinfection efficiency of UV-LED irradiation at different wavelengths or frequencies


Contaminated Shoes Can Spread Viruses in Hospitals

Disinfecting shoes can prevent cross-contamination, including spread of COVID-19


VA Vaccine Distribution Faces Challenges

Staff remain concerned about the department's ability to deliver them around the country


COVID-19 Wave Hits Hospitals Nationwide

From coast to coast, hospitals are reporting various levels of new cases that are swamping available resources


Are Facilities Ready for COVID-19 Vaccines?

Managers must assess the readiness of facilities, systems and technicians to ensure proper storage and handling


Hospitals Struggle with Accurate COVID-19 Data

Some hospitals have not been able to track the number of patients who might have contracted COVID-19 during a stay


Long-Awaited Resurgence of COVID-19 Cases Hits Hospitals

U.S. COVID-19 death toll could reach 450,000 by February


Ultraviolet Light Kills Coronavirus, But Caution Required

Continuous disinfection of surfaces and air would be a desirable outcome, but there is a lot of unknown risk with these solutions


Small Michigan Hospital Braces For COVID

Last week, five of its six ICU beds were filled; one with a COVID patient


Study Tests Effectiveness Of Materials For Face Masks

Researchers tested everything from t-shirts and socks to jeans and vacuum bags


Butte Longterm Care Facility Resorts To Extreme Measures

Some asymptomatic staff members who have tested positive continue working with the COVID-19 positive patients


Cleaning, Sanitizing And Disinfecting

COVID has spurred a new standard for healthcare facility hygiene


Kansas Healthcare Providers With COVID-19 Allowed To Treat Patients

The practice is allowed when facilities face staff shortages


Traveling Healthcare Workers Face Dire COVID Conditions

Caught between hospitals and agencies, workers’ protections are blurred


Michigan Healthcare Facilities Prep For COVID Surge

State’s hospitals prepared to different degrees


Telemedicine Market Growing Rapidly

Remote patient monitoring is one of the primary benefits of telemedicine


Giant Therapy Dog Brings Smiles, Infection Concerns To Ohio Healthcare Facility

Pandemic paused the project for safety reasons


Twin Cities On 'Red Alert' For ICU Beds

ICU bed space is scarce because caregivers own infections or exposures


Mask Stockpiling May Be Hurting Small Healthcare Facilities

Larger healthcare facilities are stockpiling what they can in preparation for future surges



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