Infection Control

WHO Updates Airborne Pathogen Definitions 

Updated definitions enable different industries and professionals to communicate in a common language.


The Case for Revamping Cleaning and Disinfecting Instructions

Healthcare facilities should advocate for developing a standardized format for instructions for use and making them last the product’s lifespan.


Hands Off: How Hands-Free Doors Help Reduce Pathogen Transmission

Door manufacturers discuss hands-free doors and how they aid in reducing germ spread.


3 Key Benefits of UV-C Disinfection for Healthcare Facilities

Being faster for disinfection is one benefit, among others.


Stopping C. Auris Transmission from Adults to Infants

With the right disinfectant and enough time, a trained EVS technician can prevent more C. auris than a roomful of doctors can cure.


In Hospitals, Pest Control Is Infection Control

By prioritizing pest control in hospitals, managers can create a hygienic environment that promotes healing, recovery and well-being.


AdventHealth Implements Infection Prevention Program

The Florida hospital more than doubled staff positions for infection prevention and control over a four-year period.


Addressing a Months-Long CPE Outbreak

Study follows infection prevention efforts of contaminated sinks and plumbing at Tokyo hospital.


Infection Prevention for 'Near Patient' Surfaces

Six core components for cleaning and disinfecting the bed and 36 inches around it.


Cameron Memorial Community Hospital Cleans Up with OhmniClean

CMCH adopted the UV-C disinfection robot to assist with their EVS services.


Scrubbing Up for World Hand Hygiene Day

The day focuses on proper handwashing and care, which is especially important in the healthcare field.


Outfitting HVAC Systems to Kill Airborne Pathogens

HVAC manufacturers discuss implementing different technologies in HVAC systems to combat germ spread.


Do Not Compromise in Choosing the Right Disinfectant

Managers should select the best disinfecting protocols that reduce worker exposures and maintain patient safety.


The 'Cruise Ship Virus' Has Come Ashore

Each year, norovirus causes an average of 900 deaths and 19-21 million illnesses.


EPA Creates New Disinfectant List for Bloodborne Pathogens

The risk of employee exposure to bloodborne diseases is a recognized hazard in the healthcare industry, and employers must act to abate the hazard.


Improving Infection Control in Long-Term Care Facilities

Having programs in place and even an infection preventionist on staff are critical to infection control.


Do We Need a National Toilet Plume Standard?

Toilet plume aerosolization helps healthcare-associated infections spread to patients and healthcare staff.


Mandating a Patient's Right to a Clean Room

All interested parties should work together to create a universal, meaningful standard of cleanliness for patient rooms.


3 Nuances of Cleaning and Disinfection in Healthcare

With cleaning and disinfection being crucial in healthcare, understanding their nuances is key.


Bleach Study Sends Unneeded Shock Waves

Can bacteria become resistant to disinfectants? Perhaps. However, let’s look at the facts.


Identifying Germs and Cleaning Occupied Spaces for Environmental Services

Disinfectant manufacturers discuss germ identification and cleaning occupied spaces.


Needed: New Framework for Environmental Services Workers

Develop an apprenticeship program for environmental services technicians in healthcare that leads to certification.


When to Use Cleaning Chemicals or Germ-Killing Disinfectants

Disinfectant manufacturers discuss the different situations to use cleaning products in.


Five Key Points to an Effective Infection Control Program

Follow these tips to create strong infection control practices.


Seattle Children's Hospital Embroiled in Mold Class-Action Lawsuit

Getting rid of mold requires tackling the issue at its source.


Mask Mandates Ramp Up at Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities have resulted in reimplementing masking guidelines as flu season continues.


Disinfecting Against Tough-to-Kill Pathogens

Disinfectant manufacturers discuss the best chemicals to use against highly resistant germs.


Study Finds Bacteria Stick Around Even After Cleaning

Rethinking the disinfection process is critical to killing germs of all kinds.


Cleaning Patient Care Equipment

Left untouched, objects or materials such as clothes, utensils and furniture can carry infections.


Training Frontline Healthcare Staff for Effective Pathogen Control

Disinfectant manufacturers discuss training frontline staff on different chemicals and their dwell times.



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