Infection Control

Case Study: Wearable Hand-Sanitizing Device Improves Hand Hygiene

Device is paired with real-time, cloud-based reporting feedback technology


Should Healthcare Workers Be Required To Get Vaccinated?

Healthcare group calls for COVID vaccine mandate since similar initiatives have proven successful


4 Steps to Better Cleaning in Patient Areas

Poor cleaning protocols increase risk of healthcare acquired infections


Hospital Surfaces Target of New Research on Infection Control

Covering high-touch surfaces with silver-impregnated foil could reduce bacterial pathogen contamination


Advice for Disinfecting Hospitals

Disinfecting is critical to infection control. Get answers for disinfecting around occupants, common touch points, chemical alternatives and more


Delta Variant, Flu Cast Shadow Over Recovery from Pandemic

Health experts warn public there also could be very difficult flu season ahead


Inspections on Infectious Disease Plans Lagged in 2020: Report

CMS lacked authority to ensure hospitals had plans to prevent infectious diseases in place during pandemic


Mandatory Vaccinations for Hospital Workers on the Rise

Nationwide, little fanfare has greeted dozens of hospitals that require vaccinations


We Need A Better Understanding of Cleaning Terms

Communicating proper terminology is critical when training environmental services personnel


Coronavirus on Hospital Surfaces Unlikely to Be Infectious: Study

Reduction in virus contamination likely due to improved patient management and cleaning protocol


Rise of Delta Variant Puts Facilities on Notice

More-harmful coronavirus variant probably will become dominant U.S. strain in the coming months, Walensky says


Prevent Infections Rather Than Have To Cure Them

Hospitals need to give greater attention and budget to preventing healthcare acquired infections


New OSHA Standard Targets COVID-19 in Healthcare

ETS requires employers to help protect workers where suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients are treated


Hospital Upgrades Reflect Impact of COVID-19

Facility to offer more single-occupancy rooms to decrease potential for spread of disease


EVS in Spotlight of Facility Health and Safety

Managers need to consider measures to improve infection prevention


COVID-19 Employment Lawsuits Target Healthcare

More than one in five of every pandemic-related lawsuit has been filed against healthcare employers


Surface Spotlight: New Findings on Coating and Infection

Antibacterial surface coating limits the transmission of Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium difficile


COVID-19 Outbreak Hits Maine Hospital

Two recently admitted patients and four staff members in hospital’s medical/surgical unit tested positive


Are Soft Surfaces Key To Preventing Infection?

A lack of knowledge about soft surfaces leaves facilities vulnerable to higher infection rates


Disinfection in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Only 32 percent of 110,000 objects in healthcare facilities are thoroughly cleaned, studies show


COVID-19 Strikes Hospital Construction Workers

Contractors working in non-clinical, closed area of Molokai General Hospital tested positive


Fueled by COVID-19, Fungal Infection Impacts Long-Term Care

Public health officials concerned that pandemic has created unique opportunities for infections to spread


Engaged Management Key in Controlling Infections

Lessons learned about better control of HAIs can apply to other pathogenic outbreaks, such as COVID-19


CDC: COVID-19 Can Be Transmitted from More Than 6 Feet Away

Agency previously said most infections took place through close contact, not airborne transmission


Hospitals Driving Surface Disinfectant Sales: Study

High-level disinfectants have emerged as top-selling products in market


Surfaces, Sanitization and COVID-19: A Closer Look

Literature review focuses on ability of viruses to live on inanimate and inert objects


Study Questions Rigid Use of Social Distancing

Variables among facilities suggest social distances might be pliable


Is Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Effective in Hospitals?

New study looks at bacteria levels after cleaning with DHP


Robotics and Cleaning: What Lies Ahead?

Robots could gradually replace human personnel in dangerous hot zone of infectious hospital


Case Study: SaaS Brings Savings, Resilience to Hospital

Application helps Ontario facility meet building savings and sustainability goals



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