Infection Control

How Flooring Impacts Healthcare Facilities

Poor design decisions and improper cleaning can increase risk of falls and infections.


Why and Where Do Healthcare Facilities Need to Disinfect? 

When deciding where to disinfect, environmental services managers must consider guidelines established by OSHA, the CDC and state and local regulatory agencies.


Basic Infection Control Will Help Curtail HAIs

Out of every 100 patients in acute-care hospitals, seven patients in high-income countries and 15 patients in low- and middle-income countries will acquire at least one hospital acquired infection.


Fighting Fecal Matter on High-Touch Surfaces

Diarrheal illnesses are among most frequent healthcare-acquired infections in long-term care facilities


CDC Taps Into Data to Improve Disease Forecasting, Communication

Program seeks to enhance ability to use data, models, and analytics to enable timely, effective decision-making.


Healthcare Acquired Infections Responsible for 100,000 Deaths Annually 

Because of the complex nature of healthcare facilities, the risk of HAIs exists even in the best situations.


Hospitals Ease Mask Requirements as New Variant Looms

Some hospitals are changing their masking requirements after the federal government struck down the nationwide mask mandate for public transit.


ASHE Infection Control Tool Focuses on Role of Maintenance

ICRA 2.0 promotes and directs interdisciplinary infection prevention in healthcare facilities during construction, renovation and maintenance.


Porous vs. Nonporous: Which Surface Has the Most Effective Transmission?

Hard, non-porous surfaces are still most efficient in transferring and transmitting disease.


Water Contamination Limits Texas Medical Center Operations

William Beaumont Army Medical Center is limiting operations and postponing elective surgeries


What Disinfectant Labels Really Mean

It is time for a reality check when it comes to disinfecting environmental surfaces.


UV-C Light Proves Essential for Facilities

Lighting has evolved over the last decade, but now UV-C has proven to be an essential tool within healthcare facilities.


The Crucial Role of Hospital Filtration and Ventilation Systems

Systems are critical in providing safe and comfortable environment for patients and staff throughout facility.


Fit for Purpose Disinfection: A Closer Look

If hygiene procedures are to be effective, a determination needs to be made regarding product efficacy and whether the results are worthwhile.


OSHA Works Toward Standard to Protect Healthcare Workers

OSHA is developing a standard to protect healthcare and healthcare support service workers from workplace exposure to the COVID-19 virus.


Cleaning Patient Rooms Once a Day Is Not Enough

Studies have shown that cleaning hospital rooms only once per day is not enough because surfaces can get contaminated more quickly


COVID-19 Drives Surge in Workplace Violence

Joint Commission revised its workplace violence standards effective Jan. 1, 2022.


CDC Eases Mask Requirements

As COVID-19 numbers trend downward, the CDC loosens requirements for masks.


CISA Sends ‘Shields Up’ Message to Healthcare Organizations

The message follows the U.S. State Department advisory urging Americans to leave Ukraine.


Health Centers Receive $55 Million To Expand Access

Funds increase access and quality for underserved populations through virtual care, such as telehealth and remote patient monitoring.


Tackling Dry-Surface Biofilm

Bacteria on damp and dry surfaces colonize with other germs to build a tough, protective biofilm.


COVID-19 Monitoring Evolves as Virus Spreads

As the nation continues to cope with pandemic, healthcare facilities seek new ways to monitor cases


Cleaning Strategies for Furniture, Furnishings and Patient Care Equipment

Pieces of hospital equipment most likely to spread infection are difficult to disinfect.


How Hospitals Can Tackle Pandemics with Technology

As admissions soar, environmental services departments continue to implement innovative solutions.


Patients, Staff Need Risk-Based Standards on Cleanliness

One would think that a hospital accredited by the Joint Commission is clean, but that is no guarantee.


Healthcare Renovations: Working in Challenging Environments

An ICRA operates as a blueprint to ensure all those involved in construction and renovations are working to prevent harm to patients.


How Does Light Impact Patient Care?

UV-C light has been proven to disinfect surfaces, helping patients, staff, and visitors stay healthy


Why It Is Time To Re-Evaluate Your Cleaning Solution

Overuse of chemicals can create poor chemistry performance, but what is the best mix to keep surfaces clean?


Mask Requirements Continue Evolving in Healthcare

In response to the omicron variant, healthcare facilities adjust mask requirements


CDC Releases Omicron Guidelines as New Cases Surge

Guidelines address isolation and quarantine for healthcare workers, decreasing isolation time after being infected



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