Infection Control

Preventing Bacteria in Ice, Water and Beverage Equipment

Water management and safety plans are just one step to prevent bacteria outbreaks ice machines, drinking fountains, and beverage dispensers


Hospitals Nationwide Struggle as COVID-19 Cases Continue

In Minnesota, skilled-nursing facility will serve as an alternative care site to relieve hospitals overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases


Are We Cleaning and Disinfecting Surfaces the Right Way?

A closer look at the proper processes to ensure safe, clean and disinfected facilities


Strategies for Fighting Legionnaires’ in Healthcare Facilities

Most medical facility accreditation agencies require a Legionella risk management plan


CMS Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine for Healthcare Workers

Requirements will apply to approximately 76,000 providers and cover more than 17 million healthcare workers nationwide


Why Hospitals Should Eliminate Hot Water for Hand Washing

Experts in infection control have been uprooting old assumptions that hot water is essential in hand washing


Why is Legionella Commonly Found in Hospitals?

Patients with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to Legionella, so it’s critical that managers implement steps to prevent bacteria growth


Resource Targets Infection Prevention in Long-Term Care

First-of-its-kind infection prevention resource gives long-term care facilities tools to battle COVID-19 and other infections


OSHA Releases New COVID-19 Emergency Standard

OSHA announced an emergency temporary standard to protect unvaccinated workers from the spread of COVID-19


Medical Facility Failed To Protect Workers from COVID-19: OSHA

Inspection at rehabilitation and post-acute care facility found healthcare facility did not comply with federal respiratory protection requirements


What Causes Legionella?

Learn why Legionella can be found in a healthcare facility’s water supply


OSHA Increasing Inspections in Healthcare Facilities

Inspections are part of new COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard for Healthcare


Bottom Line: Study Finds Shoes Major Source of C. Diff

Shoe soles had highest positivity rates, with 45 percent of samples testing positive for bacteria


New Research Shows Effectiveness of Light Disinfection Against COVID-19

Technology also proven to work against Influenza A


Researchers Develop Masks for Prolonged Use

Mask with micro air cleaner provides constant flow of purified air to create invisible air shield that can block ambient particles


ASHE Resources Support COVID-19 Efforts

Resources cover critical operations, such as air quality, safety and security, emergency preparedness and infection prevention


Healthcare Facilities Top List of UV Applications: Survey

Eighty-one percent of respondents are concerned about UV disinfection safety


CDC To Invest $2.1 Billion in Infection Prevention in Healthcare Facilities

Funds will help facilities prevent infections more effectively and support rapid response to detect and contain infectious organisms


New Cleaning Approach Reduces HAIs by 65 Percent

Minnesota hospital uses technology and teamwork to minimize hospital-acquired infections


COVID-19 Challenges Hospital’s HVAC Operations

Department focuses on UVC technology, air filtration to create healthy indoor environments


Biden’s COVID-19 Mandates Target Vaccinations in Healthcare Facilities

Mandate covers healthcare settings that receive Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement, including hospitals, dialysis facilities, ambulatory surgical settings, and home health agencies


Prevent Infections Rather Than Have To Cure Them

Hospitals need to give greater attention and budget to preventing healthcare acquired infections


10 Steps To Prevent Spread of C. auris in Hospitals

Drug-resistant superbug spreads easily throughout the facilities


Patients Were Largest Source of Hospital-Acquired COVID-19: Study

Study provides previously unprecedented detail on the way infections might spread in hospitals


Study Seeks Strategies To Reduce Spread of MDROs

Variety of interventions tested to reduce multidrug-resistant organisms in hospitals, long-term acute-care hospitals, and nursing homes


U.S. To Mandate Vaccinations for Nursing Home Employees

Move would impact about 15,000 nursing homes, which employ more than 1.3 million people


Field Hospitals Reopening as COVID-19 Surge Hits

University of Mississippi Medical Center will open second field hospital in parking garage


11 Percent of COVID-19 Infections Were Hospital Acquired

Figure reached close to 16 percent by May 2020


Pennsylvania Mandates Nursing Home Staff Vaccinations

State’s department of health expects all nursing homes to have at least 80 percent of staff vaccinated by Oct. 1


Disinfectants Effective Against Candida auris

Fungus won’t be killed while disinfecting for COVID-19



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