Information Technology

$67 Million: Bottom-Line Impact of a Cyber Attack

Ransomware attack resulted in EHR outages at all 400 care sites for about three weeks


Big Data Collaborative Raises Patient Privacy Concerns

U.S. healthcare providers plan to share de-identified data on tens of millions of patients


Cyber Attacks: A Closer Look at Tactics and Strategies

Attackers are obtaining stolen credentials and leaked database files from specialized sources in cybercrime underground


Data Security in the COVID-19 Era

New study aims to provide IT managers with cloud security practices


Email Hack Exposes Data of 45,000 Patients

Hackers combined vulnerable user IDs with different passwords until a combination worked


COVID-19 Prevention as IT Security Strategy

Applied to IT, health measures have potential benefits


Pandemic Uncovers IT Vulnerabilities

To protect patient and financial data, a proper security setup should include multiple controls


Ransomware Protection Extended to Private Hospitals

No-cost protection service is already available for public hospitals, health departments and healthcare organizations


2020 Data Breaches Skyrocket 55.1 Percent

Hacking and IT incidents led to 67.3 percent of all healthcare breaches


Hospitals Lead in Augmented Reality Use

Technology is likely used for virtual tours and smart maintenance


How IoT Can Benefit Healthcare Facility Managers

Healthcare facilities are vulnerable to water damage, but sensors can alert FMs to trouble


Ransomware Attacks: What Can IT Managers Do?

Central to preventing attacks is ensuring staff are informed and taking precautions


Healthcare Cyber Attacks Exploded During Pandemic

Three-quarters of all breaches tied to third parties


Healthcare Cyberattacks Rise 177 Percent

Attacks targeted life science and research labs, rehabilitation facilities, hospital systems, and healthcare organizations


Healthcare Tech Not Prepared for Cyberattacks: Survey

Only 18 percent believe security built into their medical devices is strong


Healthcare Cyber Attack Targeted 36,000 Patients

Information included Social Security numbers, birth dates, bank and financial account numbers, medical record numbers and diagnosis details


Hackers Post Trove of Stolen Patient Info

Posts include patient names, addresses and birthdays, as well as medical diagnoses


Healthcare Suffered 239.4 Million Cyber Attacks in 2020

FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and other federal agencies all have issued warnings about the surge in attacks


Rethinking IT Security Amid Telehealth Expansion

New report notes an increase of more than 140 percent in mentions of telehealth-related keywords on dark web


RFID Offers Potential Benefits to Hospitals

Technology enable automated monitoring of locations, movements and identities of assets


Alerts Continue on Hospital Cyber Attacks

The latest ransomware strikes hit more hospitals than previously known


Inside Efforts to Combat Cyber Attacks on Healthcare

Technology implementation, along with many personnel working from home, has led to more attacks


Cyber Attacks Strike Two Healthcare Organizations

Attack in Washington drives county health department’s computer infrastructure offline


As Remote Work Goes On, Protecting Data Becomes Crucial

Only two of every ten survey respondents said they have adequate resources to support employees working remotely


Healthcare Real Estate Sector Remains Strong

Telehealth will supplement patient care, changing the needs of the facility


COVID-19 Focus Opened Door to Other Illnesses

Drug-resistant bacteria and fungi have grown opportunistically in health care settings


Cyber Attacks Require Healthcare Organizations To Take Action

Extraordinary increase in connected medical devices makes hospitals more vulnerable


Cyber Criminals Exploit COVID-19 in Attacks

Increasing attacks spur need to adopt cybersecurity best practices to keep pace with evolving threats


Looking for Trouble: Proactive Tactics for IT Security

Strengthening employee security education and training should be a key focus for all healthcare entities


Judge Tosses Penalty Against Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

$4.3 million penalty stemmed from two instances of lost, unencrypted USB drives containing patient data



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