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Cardiovascular Associates Sued Over Recent Data Breach

The Alabama-based organization allegedly failed to meet its obligations under the FTC and HIPAA.


Beacon Health System Falls Victim to Unauthorized Access of Patient Records

A former employee was found to have accessed 3,117 patients’ records.


Atlantic General Hospital Experiences Privacy Incident

AGH discovered encrypted files in its systems in late January.


Health Systems Turn to Artificial Intelligence to Ease Workforce Shortages

Almost half of executives in this survey report using AI solutions for their workforce.


NorthStar Hit with Data Security Incident

The incident may have impacted data belonging to certain current and former patients.


Independent Living Systems Experiences Data Breach

The data breach may have impacted the privacy of certain peoples’ personal/protected health information.


Asante Experienced Unauthorized Access of Medical Records for 9 Years

The Oregon-based health system has said the unauthorized access was not done maliciously.


Cyberattacks Play a Role in Patient Deaths

Cyberattacks can compromise patient care.


Henrico Doctors' Hospital Hit with Data Breach

Certain private data was reviewed and/or removed from the hospital’s computer systems.


FBI and CISA Release Joint Cybersecurity Advisory on Royal Ransomware

The Royal ransomware has targeted healthcare and public healthcare, among other critical infrastructure sectors.


Employees Contribute to Large Sum of Cyberattacks

Guaranteed education can prevent future attacks.


The Internet of Things Can Maintain Restrooms More Efficiently

IoT technology can be used to clean restrooms based on frequency of use.


Healthcare Facilities May Have Time to Embrace the Metaverse

Implementation of the metaverse may not be as close as it seems.


Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Diverts Patients in Wake of Cyber Incident

A security issue impacted the hospital's IT systems.


Erickson Senior Living Facilities Upgrades Security Systems with Genetec

The security system upgrade updates aged technology.


UCLA Health Alerts Patients of Compromised Data

An analytics tool may have captured and transmitted health data to the third-party service providers.


OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital Simulates a Renovated Surgical Department

The simulation allowed the hospital to see two different renovations for its surgical department.


CMMS Upgrades: Functions, Benefits and Challenges

MD Anderson Cancer Center seeks enhanced efficiency in new-generation software.


3 Predictions for Digital Transformation in 2023

Emerging technology will continue to modernize everyday tasks, encourage proactive facility management and foster resilience.


Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare More Than Doubled From 2016 to 2021

Attacks exposed the personal health information of nearly 42 million patients.


Baptist Health Foundation Receives Grant for Smart Technologies

This endeavor is being funded through a $2 million donation from BMI.


Healthcare Industry Hit with Most Cyberattacks in 2022

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities suffered from 1410 weekly cyberattacks per organization.


HHS Warns of New Ransomware Group Attacks on Healthcare Facilities

The Clop group was active throughout 2022.


Metaverse and Healthcare: A Technological Partnership That Has Already Begun

The metaverse has already been implemented in healthcare facilities.


Federal COVID-19 Telehealth Program Includes Senior Living Residents

The entirely virtual community health intervention will provide free COVID-19 health services — at-home rapid tests, telehealth sessions and at-home treatments.


Healthcare Supply Chain Management Continues to Grow

While the market will expand, security issues will hinder its growth.


What the Rise of Digital Healthcare Means for Real Estate and Facilities

The integration of technology will lead to changes in facility function and workplace strategy.


Howard Memorial Hospital's Data Stolen in Cyberattack

The hospital took steps to promptly secure its network and began an investigation.


More Hospitals Expected to Use Blockchain Technology to Protect Data

Data breaches continue to affect patients. Blockchain might fix the problem.


CMS Warns of Breach Impacting 254,000 Medicare Beneficiaries

Initial information indicates that Healthcare Management Solutions acted in violation of its obligations to CMS.



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