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Healthcare Ranks Highest for Ransomware Complaints: Report

The healthcare and public health sector filed 249 ransomware complaints to the FBI in 2023.


Preparing for Tech-Ready Healthcare Spaces

Modern healthcare design is becoming more intricate as technology plays a more essential role in everyday operations.


City of Hope Experiences Data Breach

The incident occurred in October 2023.


UNC Hospitals & School of Medicine Target of Phishing Attack

The phishing attack occurred on February 1.


CISA Proposes New Rule on Reporting Cyber Incidents

Proposed rule would give healthcare organizations a timeframe to report cyber incidents and ransomware payments.


Technology Integration Within Healthcare Facilities: What to Look For

Technology is not going anywhere and facility managers need to be aware of how operations will change.


Pembina County Memorial Hospital Caught in Data Breach

The data security incident occurred in April 2023.


2024: Year of Innovation, Transformation for Healthcare Facilities

Facilities can elevate patient and staff experiences by optimizing real estate to increase efficiency.


CCM Health Falls Victim to Data Breach

The breach occurred in April 2023.


UC San Diego Health Experiences Phishing Attack

The phishing attack may have exposed patient data.


Cogdell Memorial Hospital Experiences Data Breach

The breach occurred in October 2023.


Change Healthcare Cyberattack Prompts Cybersecurity Advisory

The party behind this attack has been identified as the ALPHV Blackcat ransomware group.


Managed Service Providers: An Alternative to In-House IT

UTMC is one such case of using an MSP for their IT needs.


HHS Reaches Second Ever Settlement for Ransomware Attack

The settlement involved a cyberattack that occurred back in 2019.


Azura Vascular Care Confirms Data Breach

The breach happened on or before September 27, 2023.


Bill Addresses Healthcare Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity remains a top concern of healthcare organizations and Congress.


Lurie Children's Health Confirms Cyberattack

They were also able to confirm their network was accessed by a known criminal threat actor.


HHS Releases Voluntary Cybersecurity Performance Goals

The AHA has also provided input on the resiliency report.


Technology To Benefit Facilities and Patients

Technological innovations vary in application but collectively contribute to a more efficient, accessible and personalized healthcare system.


Columbus Regional Healthcare System Caught in Data Breach

The incident occurred in May 2023.


HMG Healthcare Experiences Data Security Incident

The data incident occurred in November 2023.


Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Drive Healthcare Efficiency and Resilience

Robotics and AI can help managers reduce costs and risk, improve operational efficiency and address tough challenges.


Coos Health and Wellness Hit by Data Breach

The data incident occurred earlier last year


Individualizing the Patient Experience Through Technology

From lighting controls to smart rooms, using existing and emerging technology to further the patient experience is vital.


East River Medical Imaging Falls Victim to Cyberattack

The incident occurred on September 20, and ERMI began notifying patients and employees of it on November 22.


Ardent Health Services Ensnared in Ransomware Attack

The organization became aware of this incident on the morning of November 23.


Warren General Hospital Experiences Data Breach

The data breach occurred in late September.


How Facial Recognition Technology Works for Hospitals

This technology aims to add more security, efficiency and accountability.


McLaren Health Care Caught in Data Breach

McLaren has begun mailing notice letters to the impacted individuals.


Sutter Health Experiences Vendor-related Data Breach

No social security numbers or financial information were compromised in this incident.



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