Information Technology

Healthcare Industry Looks Toward Digital Transformation

More U.S. healthcare providers are leaning on digital transformations to help them with ongoing challenges of COVID-19 pandemic.


Lighting Technology Innovates During Pandemic

Lighting professionals discuss the way lighting technology has evolved.


Should Patients Be Wary of New Healthcare Technology?

Hospitals have implemented new technologies rapidly during the pandemic, but are they the safest choices?


What Role Can 3D Printing Play in Healthcare Facilities?

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are no stranger to new technologies, but benefits of additive manufacturing remain uncertain


How To Protect Patient Data

With cyberattacks on the rise, every healthcare worker is responsible for protecting patient information


Healthcare Technology Needs for Telemedicine

Broadband, AI and VR are changing facilities’ approach to delivering healthcare


ASCE Updates Building Design Load Standard

As weather hazards become more extreme, this updated standard aims to improve resilience of facilities and communities


5 Issues for Integrating Telehealth into Ambulatory Care

Telehealth has major impact on facility design and planning, but there is minimal guidance on integrating it into facilities


Healthcare Systems Need To Rethink Cyber Security: Report

Healthcare organizations need to remain transparent when it comes to how patient data is used


Telehealth Driving Healthcare’s Digital Transformation: Survey

Use of telehealth continued to increase, but growth curve stabilized from sharper curve of 2020


How To Protect Your Organization from Cyber Crimes During Holidays

CISA and FBI urge organizations to remain vigilant against cyber attacks


Technology Plays Key Role in Advancing Healthcare Facilities

New-generation robotics and software are reshaping healthcare facilities


Senior Care Facilities Reap Benefits from New Technology

Report finds that senior care facilities that use technology have higher occupancy rates


How Can Hospitals Prevent Ransomware Attacks?

More than 200 healthcare facilities have fallen victim to ransomware attacks in the last three years


Amazon Enters Senior Living Communities

Senior living and healthcare providers can now deploy Alexa to help residents and patients stay better connected and improve care team productivity


Joint Commission Issues Cybersecurity Advisory

Resource provides safety actions and resources to help managers and organizations prepare for and repel cybersecurity events


AI Opportunities in Healthcare Emergency Management

Tips for successfully implementing emergency management technology


CISA Tool Helps Assess Cyber Risks

Managers can further understand nature of insider threats and steps to create prevention and mitigation programs


Ransomware Linked to Higher Patient Mortality: Survey

COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in less confidence among providers in mitigating risks posed by ransomware


Remote Monitoring Important, But Few Facilities Capable of Doing It

Healthcare facility managers plan to invest in remote monitoring and smart buildings in the next year


Case Study: Intercom System Improves Visitor and Patient Experience

Communication system also provides video monitoring of suspicious activity


California Warns Healthcare Facilities on Cybercrime

Attorney general urges providers to take proactive steps to protect against cybersecurity threats


Pandemic Drives Healthcare Technology Trends

COVID-19 pandemic forcing healthcare systems to adopt new technology and processes to deal with evolving challenges


2021 Cybersecurity Breaches Most Since 2018

Number of healthcare breaches in first half of 2021 up significantly from first half of 2020 and higher than any six-month period since 2018


Ransomware Remains Threat to Healthcare

Healthcare systems are susceptible to ransomware attacks, largely due to technology that gives access to patient data


Most Hospitals Lack Adequate Cybersecurity: Report

Report measured organization’s security strength against National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cybersecurity Framework


3,000 Hospitals Vulnerable Due to Pneumatic Tube Flaws

80 percent of hospitals in North America use system


VA Pauses $16 Billion Cerner Software

Department removes Cerner’s electronic health record software for at least six months due to rollout issues


5 Ways AI Benefits the Healthcare Industry

Technology makes life easier for providers and patients while optimizing healthcare procedures and resources


IT Lapse Exposes 275 Million Medical Images

HHS recently alerted medical facilities to prioritize repair of PACS vulnerabilities



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