Information Technology

Palomar Health Medical Group Experiences Data Breach

Currently, PHMG cannot determine the specific individuals and information that may have been impacted by the incident.


Healthcare Cyber Incidents by the Numbers

A closer look reveals key trends on cyber incidents in healthcare.


Digital Tools, Retail Sites and Interconnected Healthcare Systems

Moving healthcare services to retail locations and supporting them with digital technologies presents a promising approach to healthcare’s future.


Update on Lurie Children's Hospital Cyberattack

Around 792,000 individuals were affected by the attack.


HHS Alerts Healthcare Organizations to 'Qilin' Ransomware Group

Qilin is known to employ tactics such as spear phishing and double extortion.


Aultman Hospital Experiences Email Phishing Attack

The incident involved one employee’s email account sending out phishing messages.


Delta Specialty Hospital Experiences Email Breach

The incident was limited to just one employee’s email account.


How the Ascension Ransomware Attack Happened

An employee mistakenly downloaded a malicious file.


Native American Health Center Falls Victim to Cyberattack

The incident occurred on November 19, 2023.


70,000 Adventist Health Tulare Patients Impacted by Third-Party Breach

The incident happened to a third-party agency named Signature Performance.


Microsoft Announces Cybersecurity Program for Rural Hospitals

This comes in the wake of growing cyberattacks on the healthcare industry.


First Cybersecurity Certification Developed for Healthcare Facilities

More healthcare facilities are falling victim to cyberattacks.


Crescent Regional Hospital First in U.S. to Use Holograms for Patient Care

The integration of Holoconnects’ Holobox technology will enable doctors to teleport as a life-size 3D hologram and connect with patients in real-time.


Children's Minnesota Caught Up in Email Breach

They identified unauthorized access on two employee email accounts.


Lessons to Learn from the Ascension Ransomware Attack

Securing backup data, having the correct resources and sharing information are crucial to addressing ransomware attacks.


CentroMed Struck with Another Cyberattack

This is the second time the Texas-based healthcare provider has been involved in a cyberattack in under a year.


ARPA-H Announces Program to Automate Cybersecurity in Healthcare

The program, named UPGRADE, aims to protect operations and care continuity from cyberattacks.


New Jersey Affiliated Dermatologists Suffers Cyberattack

The cybersecurity incident occurred in March.


Ascension Confirms Ransomware Attack

The organization has yet to confirm if the incident compromised patient data.


MedStar Health Victim of Data Security Incident

The nonprofit healthcare provider experienced the breaches intermittently between January 2023 and October 2023.


Aspire Health Alliance Struck by Data Security Incident

Unusual activity was discovered in their digital environment in September 2023.


Santa Rosa Behavioral Healthcare Hospital Falls Victim to Cyberattack

The cyber incident occurred in late January.


LA County Department of Health Services Targeted in Phishing Attack

More than 6,000 individuals’ data may have been affected.


Jackson Medical Center Falls Victim to Cyberattack

The cyber incident occurred in February.


How Workflow Automation Benefits Facilities Management

Workflow automation can make daily operations easier for the facilities team.


Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin Experiences Cyber Incident

The incident happened during the early morning on January 25.


Hospital Websites Too Often Share User Data with Third Parties: Study

User privacy can be compromised by sharing website information with external organizations.


Remote Access Systems Pose Cybersecurity Risk

Attacks can impact a healthcare system’s ability to provide care.


How Technology is Evolving Healthcare Design

Emerging technology is changing the way healthcare facilities are designed from the very beginning.


Cedars-Sinai Joins White House AI Consortium

Cedars-Sinai has also joined the TRAIN group, which is led by Microsoft.



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