Information Technology

Hospitals Boosting Email Security

Additional restrictions implemented to help prevent ransomware attacks


Working In Multiple Nursing Homes May Spread The Virus

Research has found that on average each nursing home is connected to seven others through staff movement


Building Analytics Strategies For COVID-19 Building Operations

As occupancy levels fluctuate during the pandemic, building analytics can help FMs fine-tune equipment to run efficiently


Disaster Preparedness – Considerations On Cybersecurity And Resiliency

Planning starts with the end result in mind, but along the way, there are other key goalposts


Protecting Practices And Patient Data During COVID-19

Renovating to create segregated areas and reconfigure existing spaces will be key


Hospices Work To Keep Families Connected With COVID Patients

Hospices have had to get creative about how they help infectious patients safely maintain contact with their families


IoT Reshapes Healthcare By Cutting Costs, Increasing Efficiency

Healthcare is a prime candidate for IoT solutions


Healthcare Cybersecurity Consistently A Concern

With technology and the movement of information on virtual and cloud systems, there are vulnerabilities



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