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Automation Requires Collaboration with Employees, Not Resistance

More automation is being implemented because of the great resignation, but will technology prevent employees from applying to new jobs?


How Real-Time Location Systems Saved Healthcare Facilities During COVID

Through strained supply chains and operating at maximum capacity, real-time locating systems were able to increase efficiency, safety and profitability within healthcare facilities. 


Automation Can Prevent Burnout within Healthcare Facilities

Increasing automation within organizations can help employees reduce the number of repetitive tasks they have to do throughout the day.


Nichlaus Children’s Hospital Unveils First Wayfinding App 

The first of its kind app provides visitor and patients with turn-by-turn navigation around the hospital’s campus.


New Study Shows Vendor Management Systems Improve Healthcare Facilities’ Ecosystems

Vendor Management Systems help maintain staffing, allowing for more informed hiring decisions within healthcare facilities.


VA Continues Rollout of New EHR to Protect Data

Ohio debut marks third rollout in effort to replace 30-year-old software that tracks and stores patient data.


Healthcare Management Solutions Market Sees Growth

The demand for patient information management, stock keeping and appointment scheduling is contributing to the burgeoning adoption of solutions.


Healthcare Facilities Still Lack in Digital Transformation

There is a data readiness crisis that is brewing within the healthcare industry.


FBI Warns Against Cyberattacks, What Healthcare Facilities Can Do to Better Protect Themselves

Nearly 1 million patient records were breached in March.


UV-C Light Proves Essential for Facilities

Lighting has evolved over the last decade, but now UV-C has proven to be an essential tool within healthcare facilities.


Healthcare Employees’ Behaviors Could Lead to Cybersecurity Risks

While healthcare facilities managers are making the right moves to better protect patient data, employee behaviors could risk exposure.


Hospitals’ Body Cameras Help Fight Workplace Violence

CoxHealth hospitals’ security guards have started to wear body cams to help monitor workplace violence.


Why Healthcare Facilities Need to Update Their Software Systems

By not regularly updating software systems, healthcare facilities could be putting their patients at risk.


Healthcare Facility Infrastructure Changes for the Digital Age

Facility managers are now up to the impossible task of deciding when aging infrastructure needs to be updated, but how does technology play a role?


What Healthcare Facilities Risk When Patient Data Gets Exposed

There has been an uptick of cyberattacks against hospitals and other healthcare facilities, putting patients at risk.


How Will Technology Change the Way Healthcare Facilities Operate?

Manufacturers discuss the impacts and challenges of new technology on facilities


Incoming Technology Trends for Healthcare Facilities Management

Technology manufacturers discuss what trends to look out for in the coming years.


NIST Guide Targets Cybersecurity for Telehealth

The guide aims to help identify risks associated with remote patient monitoring architecture.


How to Gain Patient Trust with New Technology

New technology aims to improve the quality of patient care, but many patients are wary to try new products without seeing previous results.


Now is the Time to Improve Cybersecurity Protocols

As hospitals and other healthcare facilities invest in new technologies, it is essential that managers stay on top of cybersecurity.


How Will Technology Change the Healthcare Industry?

With more software and technology being implemented into healthcare facilities, many wonder how the industry will change.


Healthcare Facilities Management Market to Reach $68 Billion by 2026

Emerging technologies is playing a key role in the growth of the healthcare facilities management market.


Hospitals Look to Technology, Donations to Retain Staff

Labor shortage has become a top concern for healthcare executives as workers are quitting in large numbers.


Health Centers Receive $55 Million To Expand Access

Funds increase access and quality for underserved populations through virtual care, such as telehealth and remote patient monitoring.


Senior Care Facilities Look Toward Technology to Combat Resident Loneliness

More consumer electronics are being used in senior care facilities to help residents stay connected.


Healthcare Looks to Expand 3D Printing in 2022

More healthcare facilities are looking to add 3D-printing services within their operations.


Patient Data Concerns Grow as Facilities Add Technology

While emerging technologies add value to healthcare facilities, top executives are concerned about patient data.


Hospitals Warned Against Potential Ransomware Attacks

HHS suggests that healthcare facilities take the following steps to reduce attack surface areas to the greatest extent possible.


4 Technologies Shaping Hospitals of the Future

Managers can expect augmented reality, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and virtual beds to reshape healthcare.



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