Maintenance and Operations

Components that ensure a successful restroom upgrade

Toilets, urinals and faucets are key to upgrades that deliver water conservation and savings


How much does compensation matter when recruiting healthcare staff?

The fact that there is a significant and fast growing healthcare talent shortage should be very alarming to healthcare business leaders


Supporting patient care with streamlined facilities maintenance

It is imperative for the healthcare industry to employ efficient, effective and flexible construction procurement processes


Plumbing upgrades focus on health and hygiene

Water conservation, less maintenance and improved hygiene are all popular targets of system improvements


Study finds hospital sink traps may harbor antibiotic-resistant bacteria

CPE outbreaks are mostly attributed to patient-to-patient transmission via healthcare workers


California health system to use drones for deliveries

UC San Diego Health will partner with UPS on the project


Plumbing systems should be simple and reliable

Know the requirements and technical challenges of the healthcare facility plumbing system


Calif. hospital testing drone delivery of genomic samples

The drone program could potentially shorten the time between when a genomic sample is taken and when test results are returned


Theme parks can teach healthcare systems about patient experience

Museums, zoos and other amusements succeed when designing positive consumer experiences


Plumbing strategies to reduce HAIs

Bacteria lurking in the plumbing pipes and fixtures can contribute to HAIs


California facility shut down by water main break

Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills Medical Center was expected to be without running water for a week


Reduced capacity at Atlanta hospital affects region

For more than a month, Grady Memorial Hospital emergency rooms has been operating at a reduced capacity


Cleveland Clinic manages its medical waste with color coding

Cleveland Clinic’s Office for a Healthy Environment focuses on sustainability across the organization, including the responsible management of medical waste


Atlanta hospital expects repair of flooding damage to take until fall

A water pipe break in early December flooded three floors at Grady Memorial Hospital


Effective paints and coatings applications

The right paint selection and surface prep is key


Report says VHA spent $4 billion on new facilities with little oversight

The VHA supplies new medical facilities with startup funds for new staff, furniture, equipment, etc.


A guide to winter roofing care

Roofs that are not properly cared for during the winter will bring unpleasant surprises when the weather warms.


The benefits of going paperless

The Raleigh General Hospital HR team decided they didn’t want to simply copy their current paper format. Rather, they decided to redesign how the files should be organized, not simply importing files as they were.


Cancer center embraces proactive maintenance

MD Anderson Cancer Center's facility renewal program takes maintenance from reactive to proactive


VA ends hospital star ratings system

The system allowed veterans to compare quality and performance at VA facilities


Mechanical systems in the healthcare environment — pipe and performance considerations

The insulation wrapping these systems plays an integral role in ensuring optimal performance of a building’s mechanical systems


Atlanta hospital gets 30-bed mobile unit a state of emergency declared

The emergency declaration allows the state to use Georgia Emergency Management Agency funding to bring the mobile unit


Music's power to improve waiting room experience studied

Naval pilots concept uses music and nature to soothe


Ga. governor declares state of emergency after hospital flooding

Hospitals near flooded facility are at capacity


'Tis the season for year-end equipment planning

Many affected ate pre-cut fruit


Urgent care needed: The importance of underground utility mapping for hospital campuses

Though hospitals are unlike other facility campuses, they are similar in one aspect— current underground utility management and mapping tend to be lacking


Florida VA employees, medical suppliers indicted for alleged kickback scheme

VA employees allegedly received thousands of dollars in bribes


Flooding at Atlanta hospital prompts closure of 62 patient beds

Cleanup and repairs have begun in the patient units significantly damaged by flooding


Atlanta hospital closed because of broken water pipe

The break caused flooding in some patient care areas of Grady Memorial Hospital


How to assess the condition of your parking structure

From criteria ranging from safety and security to aesthetics and structural stability, here is how to assess the long-term viability of your parking structures


Atlanta hospital brightens parking garage with mural

A 2,000-square-foot mural was added to cover a 100-foot-wide cement column in the center of a patient vehicle drop-off circle at Northside Hospital


Parking a crucial part of patient experience

Healthcare administrators can be challenged when it comes to providing their customers and employees with adequate, efficient parking, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Healthcare facility patient satisfaction is possible

Improving patient satisfaction scores is a challenge that almost all healthcare facilities face


Four best practices for optimizing real estate in healthcare facilities

There are best practices facilities managers can adopt that not only preserve resources and reduce costs, but that also provide added benefits


New Stanford hospital inspired by Apple

The hospital has automated guided vehicles to assist with laundry delivery and trash disposal


Canadian hospital hit for infection control issues and use of duct tape

Other maintenance issues include the need to resurface counters and wall in part of the neonatal intensive care unit


Innovative technology helps lower costs, overcome labor shortage and Increase safety

Technology can help close the labor gap, and it can also lower costs and increase efficiency by helping healthcare organizations’ facilities and housekeeping departments do more with less


Expand the maintenance departments equipment arsenal

Renting portable cooling units, lifts and generators can supplement maintenance tools


Infection control in five Irish hospitals hampered by overcrowding

A new report suggests the issue is also being impacted by old and unsuitable infrastructure


Kids 'drive' themselves to OR at N.H. hospital

The car is remote controlled by a staff member, but the children feel they are in charge of the wheel


Superhero window washers pop in on Pa. children’s hospital

After peering through the windows, the superheroes made their way inside to meet with the kids and hand out a few gifts


Maintenance is an investment, not a cost center

Engaged technicians can help managers revamp a department's image and drive an organization's success


Workers plan strike over UC hospitals outsourcing

UC Davis Health have not canceled any patient appointments in preparation for today's strike


Nine in 10 healthcare organizations still using fax machines

Thirty-nine percent using pagers


UK hospitals addressing structural issues

Seven healthcare facilities across England have building safety concerns


Maintenance insights to keep plumbing systems flowing

New-generation drain cleaning products offer efficiency and safety


Employees concerned about flooding inside Washington state hospital

One employee described human feces falling from the ceiling


Stanford Hospital will have a fleet of supply-delivering robots

Twenty-three of the robots will deliver linens, packages and medical supplies


Facility fee adding to cost of doctor visits

The purpose of the facility fee is to compensate hospitals and some medical practices for the expense of maintaining the facility


Uber to integrate with an EHR system for U.S. providers

A patient’s information, including name, phone number and pick-up address, will auto-populate in Uber ride requests



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