Maintenance and Operations

Tornado Damages, Closes Missouri Hospital

Facility experienced damage but infrastructure remains sound


Handbook Offers Guidance for Healthcare Facilities Managers

Resource discusses primary skills and concepts managers should use and understand


American Indian Tribes Press for Deferred Maintenance Funds

Average age of Indian Health Service facilities is more than 37 years, compared to nine years the private sector


Senior Care Community, University Struggle to Co-Exist

Residents of senior living community complained about noise and hours of operation of nearby music venue


Looking for Trouble: Tabletop Emergency Exercises

One alternative to full-scale emergency drills and exercises is tabletop exercises


Accessibility Lawsuit Targets Assisted Living Facility

Manhattan facility faces federal lawsuit over allegations it discriminates against people with disabilities who use wheelchairs


Tornado Preparedness: It’s Never Too Early

Not all tornado seasons will be like 2021, and it’s never too early to start preparing for next year


Resilient, Sustainable and Adaptable: The Future of Healthcare

Hospitals need to be prepared for surplus of patients and have knowledge to mitigate emergent infrastructure failures


Hospital’s New Technology Aimed at Maintenance

Software recommends preventive actions based on historical data to avoid costly repairs


Faulty Generator Hampers Hospital Operations

Patients transferred to surrounding hospitals, and surgical and elective procedures cancelled


Hospital Workers Get Emergency Backpacks

Backpacks include 32 servings of freeze-dried food, squeeze flashlight, portable stove and fuel tablets, and first aid supplies


Federal Effort Targets Support for Long-Term Care in Emergencies

Two new committees to provide support for older adults and people with disabilities in long-term care facilities


Healthcare Parking Fees Draw Scrutiny

Spotlight on ‘financial toxicity’ of cancer treatment, including costs not covered by insurance, such as parking fees


Minimizing Pandemic’s Impact on Facilities Funding

Best practices in securing capital and operational funding


South’s Winter Blizzards Yield Lessons for Improvement

One hospital’s preparation paid off, as no backup generators failed during storm


Facilities Receive Healthgrades Recognition

Online resource connects patients to information about physicians and hospitals


Tornado Preparations: Looking for Weak Spots

Plans should include contingencies for risks outside facility due to construction or outdoor work


Tornado Season: Developing an All-Hazards Plan

Scientists predict 2021 could rival 2011 super outbreak


Taking on Tornado Season: Is Your Healthcare Facility Prepared?

Scientists predict 2021 could rival 2011 super outbreak


WHO Guidance Targets Healthcare Resilience

Document and checklists intended to help managers in terms of existing vulnerabilities and possible impacts


Infrastructure Plan Would Give VA $18 Billion

Funds would target backlog of high-efficiency projects to help increase health security of veterans


Window Problems Plague New Children’s Hospital

Officials want to spend $10-15 million to replace two floors of troubled windows


Hospitals Seek Share of $2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

Funds would aid physical plants, IT systems and emergency preparedness


Hospital’s Closure Prompts Community Concerns

Nearly 40 percent of hospital’s patients are Black Americans, and 63 percent are over 60


VA Puts Maintenance Backlog at $22 Billion

VA’s buildings are 60 years old on average, and 69 percent are at least 50 years old


VA Seeks To Balance Mission and Maintenance

Department operates many buildings more than 50 years old


Hospital Maintenance Staff Shines in Cold-Weather Crisis

Employees carried buckets of well water throughout hospital


Troubled Chicago Hospital Files for Bankruptcy

Moves comes after state regulators rejected proposal to close down hospital


Bill Targets Emergency Plans in Long-Term Care

Legislation would apply to assisted living facilities, adult family homes, enhanced services facilities and nursing homes


The Case for Training Facilities Staff

Why don’t hospitals train workers? Training is viewed as an expense, not an investment



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