Disinfectant - strategies, tips and insights for the healthcare facilities management industry

3 Nuances of Cleaning and Disinfection in Healthcare

Bleach Study Sends Unneeded Shock Waves

Identifying Germs and Cleaning Occupied Spaces for Environmental Services

When to Use Cleaning Chemicals or Germ-Killing Disinfectants

Five Key Points to an Effective Infection Control Program

Disinfecting Against Tough-to-Kill Pathogens

Training Frontline Healthcare Staff for Effective Pathogen Control

Differentiating Between Traditional and 'Hospital Grade' Disinfectants

C. auris Case Suspected in WVU Medicine Hospital in Bridgeport

Avoiding Problems When Disinfecting Hospital Surfaces

Best Disinfecting Practices Unveiled by Top Experts

The Science Behind Surface Decontamination 

Can Biofilm Make Candida Auris More Dangerous? 

Standard Needed for Electrostatic Application of Disinfectant

'Elbow Grease' Is Critical for Infection Control

Damaged Hospital Surfaces Cannot Be Disinfected

How to Choose the Right Disinfectants

Is Routine Disinfecting Necessary?

Reality Check: Rethinking Surface Disinfectants

Maximizing Microfiber Cleaning Products

HAIs Contribute to Growth of Surface Disinfectant Market

Disinfectants That Don't Disinfect

How Proper Cleaning Can Limit the Spread of Norovirus

Cleaning to Impress Visitors

3 Most Common Questions About Chemicals

Lessons from the Custodial Frontlines

How Flooring Impacts Healthcare Facilities

Why and Where Do Healthcare Facilities Need to Disinfect? 

Fighting Fecal Matter on High-Touch Surfaces

Healthcare Acquired Infections Responsible for 100,000 Deaths Annually 

Porous vs. Nonporous: Which Surface Has the Most Effective Transmission?

UV-C Light Proves Essential for Facilities

Fit for Purpose Disinfection: A Closer Look

Cleaning Strategies for Furniture, Furnishings and Patient Care Equipment



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