Energy Efficiency - strategies, tips and insights for the healthcare facilities management industry

What Alternatives Exist for Traditional Storage Tank Water Heaters?

Occupancy Sensor Benefits for Healthcare Facilities

Reducing Energy Demand and Decarbonizing Healthcare Facilities

Raw Wastewater Energy Transfer System Reduces Hospital's Emissions

Heat Pump Installation Reduces Costs, Improves Efficiencies

What Kinds of Energy Efficient Technologies Can Hospitals Use?

What Kinds of Energy Efficient Technologies Can Hospitals Use?

Valley Children's Healthcare Details New Net-Zero Environmental Strategy

How Can the Inflation Reduction Act Benefit Healthcare Facilities?

Medical Office Building is Nation's First Net-Zero Healthcare Facility

UPMC Aims to Cut Emissions by 50 Percent

Kaiser Permanente Pledges to Reach Net Zero by 2050

3 Water-Savings Strategies in Healthcare

How to Avoid 3 Common Lighting Upgrade Mistakes

Tips For Energy Eficient Healthcare Facilities

California Hospital Gets Half Its Energy From Solar Power

Integrating lighting systems in healthcare facilities

Hershey Medical Center shows off energy-efficient features

Pa. healthcare facility building ‘greener’ utility plant

IoT and renewables support zero energy goals

Long Island hospital gets $4.7M energy-efficiency upgrade

Healthcare stewardship means going ‘green’

Maximizing cooling tower technology for HVAC, power and industrial applications

$4.1M project to cut Conn. healthcare facility energy, water use

Ohio healthcare facility gets lighting upgrade

Building energy modeling can help build an HVAC plan

Seattle healthcare facility installing large solar array

'Three-bucket' sustainability

Pennsylvania hospital producing most of its own power

Virginia healthcare facility installing solar panels

Toronto healthcare facility gets funding for going green

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center gets LED lighting retrofit

N.Y. hospital ED earns LEED Gold

Toronto hospital recognized for energy efficiency

Facility managers working to achieve energy efficiency and sustainability

Healthcare facilities lauded for cutting energy consumption

N.H. hospital planning solar project

Boosting energy efficiency with building envelope retrofit

Healthcare facility renovation expected to save £15 million in 25 years

Facility upgrades save Texas healthcare facility $189,000 annually

Australian hospital is aiming to be most energy efficient

Healthcare facilities' energy efficiency improves air quality

Utility savings fund Saskatoon hospital upgrades

Healthcare facility cuts power consumption with energy optimization system

New Stamford Hospital building designed to be green

New power plant to save Baltimore hospital $750K per year

New Choctaw Nation Regional Medical Clinic designed with special brick and tribal art work

Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care wins international climate change awards

Boston hospital saves more than 5,000,000 kWh with energy upgrades

Connecticut healthcare facility getting energy upgrade

North Dakota State Hospital plans energy-efficient upgrades

Conn. healthcare facility gets energy-savings makeover

Legrand North America Joins the Science Based Targets Program; Supports Global Alliance for Energy Productivity

Cape Town hospital designed for sustainable operations management

$257 million energy project planned for Jamaican hospitals

Leveraging microgrids for energy reliability and optimization in healthcare facilities

U.K. hospital launches major pipeline project

Three new ways to reduce medical device power usage

Legrand Employees Drastically Cut Energy Use, Reduce CO2 Emissions, and Save $79k with Energy Marathon 2.0

York Healthcare energy project honored

Healthcare facilities' energy efficiency challenge

Naval hospital recognized for energy and water programs

Boston Medical Center and MIT partner for energy plan

Akron healthcare facility 'sips' energy

Building an energy efficient healthcare facility

Spaulding Rehabilitation recognized for cutting energy use

New Hampshire hospitals invest in wiser energy, cleaner air

Water business helps healthcare facility reduce carbon

New York Companies Eligible for Up To $155,000 per Site for Real-time Portfolio Management

NHS could save £26.4 million annually with CHP

Cleveland Clinic's green revolving fund paying off

VA hospital saves energy with solar panels

Benchmarking helps boost energy efficiency in hospitals

Connecticut VA Medical Center benefits from energy efficiency upgrades

White paper on energy savings available

Kansas healthcare facility cuts energy use by 12 percent

UCSF Medical Center gets $800K for sustainability efforts from PG&E

Washington Court House hospital to upgrade its energy systems

Hospital retrofit leads to huge energy savings

Georgia hospital earns thousands of dollars for saving energy

Boston Hospitals cut energy use by 6 percent, despite continued facility growth

Boston hospitals reducing energy use

Wisconsin hospital system produces more energy than it consumes

Virgin Island hospitals to be revamped to save energy

Hospitals trimming energy costs with demand response programs

Hospitals find cost-cutting energy efficiencies

Gloucestershire hospitals to save 500,000 pounds a year with green efforts

Maryland hospital builds combined heat and power plant

Texas hospital gets $500,000 rebate for energy efficiency

HVAC and solar features help Pennsylvania hospital cut costs and energy use

Hospitals lauded for cutting energy use

Low-cost energy efficiency upgrades

Philadelphia hospitals embrace energy efficiency

Missouri offers loans for hospital energy efficiency

UK hospital trust to launch energy-saving project

Healthcare addressing longstanding environmental challenges

Case study: Reducing reheat energy use

Grassroots energy-saving campaign saves 105,000 pounds in first year

Energy-efficiency program helps hospitals spend more on care

London's oldest hospital getting low-carbon power upgrade

Jamaican hospital to save $1.6 million in energy costs

ASHE energy campaign focuses on patient care

Top 30 green hospitals named

Central energy plant can lower costs

Time for hospitals to reach for Energy Star

St. Cloud VA hospital's idle turbine generates complaints

Selling healthcare energy management to executives

Energy can be a strategic asset for facility manager

Embracing energy-efficiency complements healthcare mission

British Columbia hospitals can access up to $9.5 million in funding for energy-saving programs

Modeling can increase energy efficiency

Energy efficiency initiative to benefit Ontario health care sector

Connecticut hospital power plant saves 30 percent on energy bills

Nottingham University Hospitals upgrade means large carbon and cost reductions

Oahu hospital expects to slash electricity bill with energy retrofit

Catholic Health launches program to cut energy use

New Year's resolutions for hospital CFOs

New York hospital partners with utility to cut energy, water use

Oregon medical center gets $200,000 incentive for energy savings

Free Advanced Energy Retrofits for Healthcare Facilities Guide available

Missouri medical center receives $1.26 million energy loan

Smartly maintained healthcare facilities a good investment

Engineer panel addresses hospital sustainability, safety issues

Illinois hospital's geothermal system paying off

Hospitals' large energy use a solvable dilemma

Bryan Medical Center simplifies onsite power operation

Geisinger Medical Center earns perfect ENERGY STAR score

Bath hospital wins bid to upgrade lighting

UK energy initiatives to save 14 million pounds a year

How many people does it take to change a lightbulb in a hospital?

Gifford Medical Center ranks first in Vermont for energy efficiency

Advanced Energy Retrofit Guide for Healthcare Facilities available for free download

Saving money in hospital electrical distribution systems

Connecticut Hospital to undergo $30 million energy makeover

Pennsylvania health system's plant upgrade saves millions in energy costs

New Jersey utility helping area hospitals save energy

Regular HVAC maintenance practices help improve energy efficiency in chillers



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