R2 Medical Group Introduces Nation’s First Turnkey Medical Offices for Physicians to Help Shape their Practices and Streamline Management

October 10, 2018

R2 Medical Group will soon open its inaugural location of what will become a network of easily customizable, medical office suites intended to give physicians in clinical practice access to flexibly designed, state-of-the-art medical facilities and support structure, such as staffing and administrative services, with an overhead that is fully transparent and highly competitive. 

R2 Medical has created an alternative practice model that helps physicians maintain their independence and autonomy in their own medical practice. This completely flexible practice model allows physicians to customize resources to their specific needs, eliminating waste and minimizing overhead. For instance, physicians may select options such as their preferred number of working days, office location, number of exam rooms, and number of staff, and R2 Medical’s built-in infrastructure and support services can easily respond to changes as the needs of the physician and practice evolve.

R2 Medical Group was founded by practicing physician, Dr. Reza Mirali, MD, MBA, FACS, and a veteran of commercial real estate, Mr. Reza Shahabadi, who recognized the challenges of running a medical practice and aimed to mitigate those pain points.

“In our present healthcare landscape, physicians are overworked and beleaguered, at times, by arbitrary productivity measures, and suffer higher burn out rates than other industries,” said Dr. Mirali, President and Chief Medical Officer. “These physicians should have a more viable option of maintaining control of their practice, reducing stress of non-clinical factors and, again, enjoy what they trained for. R2 Medical offices provide that option, and we envision it as a disruptive innovation in medical practice models.”

The answer lay in reducing overhead costs, which has shown to be one of the main stresses of and deterrents to private practice, and handling administrative and logistic tasks, so physicians can focus on patient care and save some time for their own personal lives. 

R2 Medical offices include Class "A" consultation, examination and procedure rooms, and also come complete with professional staffing and support services vital to delivering a seamless patient experience and a cost-effective, efficient workflow for the physician. R2 Medical Group also offers guidance and support to physicians to determine optimal space and staffing needs, and remains committed to ongoing support through strategic partnerships with other service providers such as banking, legal, accounting and more. 

“We act as full partners with physicians and medical groups facing the management and administration challenges of running a practice, and our solution gives them the autonomy to build and operate the private practice they have envisioned,” said Mr. Shahabadi, CEO and CFO. “We expect our model to evolve along with the needs of our physician partners and we purposely stay flexible so as to implement meaningful changes that help continuously optimize their practices.”

The inaugural R2 Medical office is located at Chevy Chase Physicians Offices, 5550 Friendship Blvd. in Chevy Chase, MD, and will open on Q1 2019. For more information, please visit www.r2medgroup.com.  


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