Award Winning Luxurious Care Homes Company Embraces Blockchain Technology

February 22, 2019

Carlauren Group, a provider of residential later-life and care services, has decided to take the industry to the next level by implementing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency into its already successful business.

The group has created its private exchange and token, the C-Coin. The technology will provide customers security and investors trading opportunities, using the C-Coin, one of the few tokens in the crypto currency arena with a guaranteed buy back value in fiat currency at 90% of its initial value. 

An ambition to fulfill

With an impressive portfolio of properties classified as resorts; from boutique locations to large estates of historical importance, Carlauren has an ambitious plan for its future growth across the UK and worldwide.

This plan starts with an innovative technology, blockchain, which has been implemented in Carlauren business and is now ready to be launched using the C-Coin, Carlauren token. 

Carlauren Founder, Sean Murray, is a blockchain advocate: “I believe that blockchain technology will revolutionise how the world will transact and exchange. Its emergence has been closely monitored by the business and its application in a tokenised utility framework for Carlauren Resorts reflects a highly relevant and appropriate alignment of technology with business application”.

Embracing blockchain technology

The opportunities blockchain technology offer are proven. Security, transparency and data storing are some of the key features of blockchain. Sean Murray explains why he chose blockchain for his business: “Launching the blockchain based Carlauren token provides Carlauren Members a secure means to transact with Carlauren Resorts and gives them and independent Non-Members the opportunity to purchase tokens for which we anticipate high demand.”

Using Carlauren exchange, members and non-members will be able to buy, sell, and trade C-Coins easily and securely without risk. Indeed, the C-Coin will be one of the few tokens in the world with a guaranteed buy back value. At any point in time, buyers can sell the C-Coin back to Carlauren and in return for 90% of its launch value of £70 in fiat currency, (£63.00)

C-Coins will be the only way to pay for Carlauren rooms, therefore the group expects a high demand and an increase of its core value. Considering its utility and its buy back value, this token will probably be one of the most secure cryptocurrency investments to date.

An innovator in residential care services

Founded in 2015, Carlauren has grown exponentially and answered the needs of an ageing population with its ever-increasing demand for care services in the UK. This consumer driven desire for more sophisticated care experiences has provided a unique market opportunity for the Carlauren Group and their Lifestyle Resorts.

Carlauren’s short, medium and long-term lifestyle residential resort accommodation incorporates care, on-demand services and stunning living standards. What this means in reality is that all Carlauren Resorts have been created with a deep understanding of the care needs of later life living. Members enjoy the comforts and luxuries of resort living and when required, specialists from Carlauren Care are at a member’s side to provide care support at whatever level is needed.

In 2018, Carlauren Group won two awards at the Great British Care Awards 2018, South West: The Palliative Care/End of Life Award (Debbie Horrigan), and the Outstanding Contribution to Social Care (Robert Fielder).


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