Biophilia, Luxe Minimalism Paint Colors to Trend in Healthcare Facilities

Paint colors can leave a lasting impact on our moods.

By Mackenna Moralez, Associate Editor
April 6, 2023

Whether we want to believe it, but the color of walls can have an impact on our moods. Brighter colors can give people headaches, while dull-white or gray colors can leave people feeling stale. Facilities managers need to choose colors that all staff to remain productive and at ease. This is especially important for hospitals and other healthcare facilities too. Wall colors can play a role in patient care. Having colors that symbolize calm, healing and wellness can stimulate energy in the room, making healthcare facilities a less stressful place to be. 

Healthcare Facilities Today recently spoke with Ruthanne Hanlon, PPG color expert on popular paint colors and what trends they expect to see within healthcare facilities in the coming years. 

HFT: What colors have you seen become more popular within healthcare facilities? How can facilities managers decide on a color without it becoming outdated quickly? 

Hanlon: Biophilia has been and will continue to be a significant influence on the healthcare sector for many years to come. The pandemic placed an increased emphasis on everyone’s mental and physical health. As we shift away from the pandemic era, the renewed focus on wellness remains, therefore, we will continue to seek the calming and restorative effects of nature in the spaces where we live, work and seek care.  

HFT: What paint/color trends do you see happening this year and beyond? 

Hanlon: As previously mentioned, biophilic design will remain a top trend in health care due to the calming effect of nature-based colors. In 2023, however, at PPG we see this trend appearing with more flexibility, evolving to not only invoke the restorative properties of nature, but now also to incorporate the more enchanting aspects of the natural world as well, sparking energy when used appropriately. Our 2023 Color of the Year, Vining Ivy (PPG1148-6), is demonstrative of this evolved, flexible biophilic trend. The turquoise hue has a chameleon-like energy that takes on the mood of the space that it’s placed in. 

Another trend we’re seeing in healthcare is that of Luxe Minimalism. Using elements borrowed from the luxury hospitality industry and the comforts of home, designers are creating spa-like experiences within medical facilities. Within this trend dubbed “Luxe Minimalism,” raw materials with luxurious aesthetics, like stone and marble, accompany soft warm neutral colors to imitate the natural environment of the outdoors, which has proven positive impacts on both mental and physical health. With the mental health of so many taking a toll during the pandemic, being stress-free might be the ultimate status symbol of 2023. To bring a luxe minimalist feel into a space, we recommend Storm’s Coming (PPG1008-2) and Nutmeg (PPG1068-6). 

Mackenna Moralez is the associate editor of the facilities market. 

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