Designer attempts to decode 'patient-centric' label

October 17, 2013

In a recent post on her Healthcare Designed blog, Christie Mayer says she she came across The 7 Habits of Highly Patient Centric Providers in an article in Forbes. 

"In healthcare design, Patient-centric is a term that ranks in popularity just below “Out-of-the box” and a notch above “less is more.” You can hear proclamations of patient-centric design bellowed across the office at least weekly," she wrote.

"If you polled architects and interior designers for a definition, they would almost surely start by saying, “Patient-centric healthcare design is the result of creating spaces that, first-and-foremost, have patients’ health, well-being and safety in mind,” or something to that effect.  It’s pretty straight forward. If you asked them how they achieve patient-centric design, however, you’d get an abundance of answers covering every nuance of space-planning, finish selection, landscaping and lighting design to patient flow and technology integration."

Mayer said she pondered what "patient-centric" really means and created a list of the "7 Habits of Patient-centric Healthcare Designers".  They are, in a nutshell.

1. Educate the Client. 

2. Dream Big. 

3. Engage the senses. 

4. Keep up with the research. 

5. Walk a mile in their shoes. 

6. Empower the patient.

7. Influence change. 

Read the blog.


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