Experity Launches EMR Patient Visit History Functionality to Support Urgent Cares Looking to Transform into Hybrid Clinics

June 24, 2020

Experity, the leading provider of clinical and practice management software in the urgent care space, today announced the launch of Face Sheet, a patient history view, within its electronic medical record (EMR) platform. As more urgent care clinics look to provide patients with continued care, the new functionality provides a single view of patients’ visit history within their EMR chart to seamlessly support both episodic and longitudinal workflows.

As a growing number of urgent care clinics add primary care services to their offerings, providers need the ability to easily review a patient’s visit history and document their acute and chronic problems to provide quick, informed treatment. With Face Sheet, users have a single overview of patients’ past visits to enable efficient, comprehensive care regardless of service type.

“The concept of documenting chronic problems in urgent care isn’t necessarily novel, but the seamless two-pronged approach we’re providing to our clients certainly is,” said Experity CEO Dr. David Stern. “As hybrid clinics become more popular, we knew how important it is that our solution supports both workflows simultaneously and separately within the same chart. We will continue evolving to support urgent care-focused clinics venturing into expanded offerings, understanding they still require technological adaptability for their foundational urgent care needs.”

Experity’s product roadmap is designed to deliver innovative solutions and functionalities that will evolve alongside the urgent care industry.

Beyond Face Sheet, hybrid urgent cares have been able to leverage existing features that include:

  • A chronic problem management tab that provides a consolidated view into patient history and allows providers to easily document active problems without ever leaving the patient’s chart.
  • A history and tracking grid to view past labs and vital signs.
  • A Referral Management page to easily manage, schedule, and follow up on referral orders. 

Collectively, the Experity EMR platform helps users efficiently manage, track, and document both short- and long-term care visits without compromising their traditional urgent care-focused workflows.

To learn more about how Experity supports over 40 percent of the urgent care industry in the United States, please visit www.experityhealth.com.

 nd healthcare for everyone. Visit experityhealth.com.



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