Face Facts: Security Issues and Facial Recognition Technology

More hospitals use technology to augment security programs to protect patients and staff

By Dan Hounsell
May 20, 2021

Healthcare facilities technology has expanded by leaps and bounds in recent years as managers seek to tap into the potential benefits related to productivity, cost savings and streamlined processes. Among these applications, facial recognition technology (FRT) is among the most intriguing — and potentially the most problematic. 

The healthcare industry presents unique legal and compliance considerations, so managers need to carefully weigh before implementing and using FRT, according to JD Supra.

Reportedly, some hospitals use FRT to augment their security programs to protect both patients and staff. For example, FRT can be used to identify and notify hospital security staff when an individual enters its facility who is known for violent behavior, drug diversion, or fraud.

In its 2020 report, the GAO highlighted potential challenges that need consideration when utilizing FRT, one of which is accuracy. Although the accuracy of FRT has greatly improved in recent years, it is still not 100 percent accurate, Perhaps more importantly, accuracy can vary significantly depending on the system.

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