Facility Updates Interior To Address Patient, Family Needs

By By Dan Hounsell
April 14, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed most elements of healthcare facilities, from architecture and construction to infection control and HVAC systems. Included in the lengthy roster of changed areas of facilities — and one that is increasingly higher on facility managers’ priority lists — is interior design that can accommodate the evolving needs of patients and families.

The Gulfton, Texas, location of Legacy Community Health serves a patient population spanning more than 80 home countries and has seen continuous growth. The steady increase in appointments made it difficult to accommodate each patient comfortably. Legacy Community Health sought furniture that would allow it to offer its community a comfortable, professional and high-end facility for their healthcare needs, according to Health Facilities Management.

The new line of furnishings that Legacy Community Health selected provide the flexibility to create more space for its patients while aiding in privacy and accommodating the facility’s small footprint. The modular furniture can be arranged to make several configurations best suited to the needs of a given space. 

The switch in furnishings and layouts increased the Houston facility’s capacity. From the seating perspective, areas that could previously seat one to two people at most are now able to comfortably seat up to five.

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