HS-1 SL for movement and connection joints

July 8, 2019

HS-1 SL self-leveling hybrid sealant developed with silyl-modified polymer (SMP) technology cures under the influence of atmospheric moisture. HS-1 SL’s one-part formulation eliminates mixing and convenient 32 oz. size makes it easy to handle. HS-1 SL is applied directly from its packaging and can be resealed. No tooling or caulking gun is required.

HS-1 SL can be used in movement and construction joints and is ideal for sidewalks and driveways subject to pedestrian traffic. HS-1 SL adheres to green concrete, damp surfaces, and most construction materials. HS-1 SL is available in gray and tan to best match the application site.

“HS-1 SL has become a fan favorite very quickly. The easy-to-use pouch eliminates the need for a caulking gun that is required when using cartridges. The 32-oz. pouch comfortably fits in your hand for easy application. This new, innovative pouch really makes a difference in the ease of application. The sealant offers excellent expansion capabilities and resistance to chlorine and salt water,” said Jim Dill, Division Manager. 

Further information about HS-1 SL can be found at https://www.wrmeadows.com/hs1-sl-one-part-self-leveling-smp-based-sealant/.


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