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Houston hospital installs touchless temperature cameras

May 29, 2020

The Hermann Hospital in Houston, as well as the San Antonio Police Department have installed a new touchless temperature detection camera system which will be able to scan 2,000 people an hour, according to an article on the Fox San Antonio website.

The cameras can scan whoever crosses their path, alerting users instantly if an elevated temperature is present. This system is accurate to within 0.3 degrees centigrade using a thermal camera to measure the hottest spot on the face and alerts immediately if someone has a fever, the article said. 

An image of the person's face is shown on an iPad and an alarm goes off if the person's temperature is above 99.5 degrees.

A spokesman for the hospital said they purchased the system was because “it allows us to minimize contact. We no longer have to actually touch people with thermometers when they come through. It’s a lot quicker."

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