Intermountain Healthcare Strikes Deal with Medpricer on Purchased Services Software

May 2, 2019


Medpricer, the leading purchased services cost management solution for the healthcare industry, announced today Intermountain Healthcare has joined its customer roster. Through this partnership, Intermountain Healthcare will have access to industry benchmarks and software driven by artificial intelligence to evaluate and improve their purchased services contracts.  

As one of the largest and most prominent healthcare providers in the United States, Intermountain Health has a reputation as an industry leader for providing gold-standard patient care through innovative solutions. By partnering with Medpricer, Intermountain Healthcare will access:

Healthcare data intelligence with a subscription to Precision Benchmarks

With more than 70 purchased services categories to benchmark, Intermountain Healthcare can compare its current pricing and service level terms with industry standards. Equipped with market intel, Medpricer will help Intermountain Healthcare refine their savings targets and provide a customizable project roadmap to track progress.

mSource® Analytics to visualize purchased services spend

With the aid of mSource®, Intermountain Healthcare can efficiently measure spend activity by category, supplier, and facility to monitor and improve supplier performance. Furthermore, Medpricer delivers actionable insights that help the supply chain to address other opportunities, such as: illuminating recurring charges, shifting to on-contract spend and aligning expiring contracts.

mSource® Contract Text Analysis uses Natural Language Processing to search for intent

With the capability to analyze thousands of documents at the push of a button, mSource® Contract Text Analysis with AI considers all commitments across Intermountain Healthcare’s contracts. With this data, their supply chain can quickly assess and amend unfavorable or outdated contract terms, mitigate third-party risks, and hold suppliers accountable to contractual obligations through key performance indicators. 

“With the aid of Medpricer’s product offerings, Intermountain Healthcare is strengthening their ability to proactively manage their contracts, analyze their relationships, benchmark their contracts and evaluate new savings opportunities,” said Chief Executive Offer Chris Gormley. “Medpricer is dedicated to providing our customers with the tools necessary to drive their purchased service strategy forward.”

“Intalere, our healthcare solutions partner, played a critical role in creating this collaboration among our organizations and Medpricer,” said Intermountain Healthcare Vice President of Supply Chain and Support Services John Wright. “Medpricer is making it faster and easier for our teams to make more strategic decisions in our purchased services spending. We’re eager to see how our contracts compare in the market and fulfill our sourcing objectives for the year.”  

For more information on Medpricer’s solutions, please visit


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