Introducing WorkSafe: A Simple Way to Health Check Your Employees Before They Come to the Office

May 18, 2020

Introducing WorkSafe: A Simple Way to Health Check Your Employees Before They Come to the Office

 LiveSafe Inc., the leading risk intelligence and safety communications platform, today unveiled WorkSafe, an affordable and easy-to-use Mobile App for conducting daily health check-ins with employees before they come to work that provides a daily health snapshot of an enterprise during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

WorkSafe fills a critical need across the nation: Employees want to do the right thing to protect themselves and their co-workers, and employers want to reassure their people and customers that their workplaces are safe and COVID-free zones.

WorkSafe allows employees to proactively check-in from their home and self-attest that they are feeling well and remain symptom-free. Likewise, they can report they're not feeling well with the touch of a button. Reporting can be done through the WorkSafe App or the web, and all check-ins are routed to the WorkSafe portal, where HR managers and other senior leaders can see an instant health status snapshot of their workforce. Managers also get sophisticated employee communications capabilities to send text, push, and email notifications to everyone in the company, different teams or groups, or even based on the real-time location of employees.

"We may need to maintain physical separation for a while, but we also need to come together as one nation as we prepare to put Americans back to work during the current health crisis," said LiveSafe President and CEO Carolyn Parent. "WorkSafe is a simple, powerful, and effective way to protect your people and provide reassurance to everyone who enters your workplace that you are proactively looking out for their welfare. The vast majority of Americans want to do the right thing while getting back to work. WorkSafe makes that possible."

Join The Movement to Get WorkSafe Verified

Several of the nation's largest Fortune 500 companies are already adopting WorkSafe as part of their return-to-work plans. WorkSafe is available in three affordable monthly plans, including a free version for small business enterprises that are struggling to recover from the financial impact of COVID-19. To get more information and to order online, visit

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