Inzata's New One-Click Enrichments Improve Data Analysis for Healthcare

October 25, 2019

 Inzata, the first full-service data analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence, today announces the general availability of its AI-Powered Data Enrichment Services, launching with 38 new One-Click Enrichments for all subscription users.
Inzata’s data enrichment services make any raw data more useful and accurate, and therefore more valuable. “Data enrichment” is the process of adding curated, high-quality 3rd party or external data to a company’s traditional business data, efficiently and securely. The resulting enriched data is more accurate, more detailed, and yields far superior analytical insights.  
Digital marketers and data scientists alike have long known that enriching data with high-quality third party and external data is the fastest way to yield exponentially superior insights from even the most ordinary data. 
Previously, data collection relied on complicated processes to gather one piece of information at a time in order to build a whole story. Data often needed to be extracted and sent out for enrichment, sometimes compromising its security. The process of applying enrichment manually needed to be done carefully to avoid mismatches.
Inzata is the first full-stack analytics platform to offer Data Enrichment as a core function, allowing data within the Inzata platform to be enriched with data from dozens of authoritative sources in seconds. No coding, just a single mouse-click. Users no longer have to extract and send data out for enrichment, or pay high per-record fees. With Inzata, the system’s AI  automatically scans and profiles data and recommends enrichments ideally suited to the business data loaded.
Inzata’s One-Click Enrichments offer many benefits for  multiple industries:
  • Industries with data from multiple locations such as retail, healthcare and services will benefit from Inzata’s dozens of geo-spatial reference data enrichments. 
  • Transportation companies are thrilled with Inzata’s Historical Weather, Environmental and Traffic enrichments. 
  • Retail professionals can overlay geographic coordinates based on addresses, drive time, traffic patterns, and weather history to help understand and pinpoint environmental impact on retail store traffic and sales transactions. 
  • Life Sciences and Insurance companies are taking advantage of advanced healthcare enrichments like diagnosis codes, pharmaceutical and healthcare provider identification. 
  • Every consumer-based industry will benefit from advanced consumer and place-based demographics and socio-economic enrichments that add of hundreds of unique attributes to virtually any type of consumer or CRM data - all in a single click.
  • Artificial intelligence automatically profiles data and recommends suitable enrichments based on the type of data loaded, returning prioritized results in seconds.
“We are thrilled to announce the world’s first integration of comprehensive self-service data enrichment built on the foundation of our Inzata data analytics platform,” said Christopher Rafter, COO of Inzata. 
“Customers want a single place where they can see and work with all their data, productively. We’re just getting started with these 38 One-Click-Enrichments; Inzata is planning to add hundreds more over the coming months,” said Rafter.
”Data is all around us, and business professionals are really starting to recognize the power of combining and harnessing diverse data to improve insights and decisions. The power of big-data is now available to transform any-size business into a data-driven powerhouse to and raise the competitive game to a higher level.”
For information about Inzata’s One-Click Enrichments, including a complete list of enrichments available, please visit
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