Johnson Controls Detect360 Area of Refuge Communications System Gives Building Occupants a Higher Level of Security During Emergencies

October 10, 2018

During fires and emergencies within commercial and public buildings, individuals with disabilities are often the most vulnerable and require quick, reliable communication with rescuers. As part of its ongoing commitment to keep every building occupant safe during times of crisis, regardless of ability, Johnson Controls announces the new Detect360 Building Communications System.

Featuring innovative audio capabilities that meet the requirements of the International Building Code (IBC) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the system offers greater reliability and peace of mind for those located in a building’s area of refuge during a fire or emergency.   

A simple easy-to-use interface, high-quality speaker and omnidirectional microphone provide superior two-way communication at the touch of a button. The system’s visual status indicator ensures appropriate assistance is given to the hearing-impaired and includes backup batteries that provide hours of additional operation in the event of a power failure. 

Under the IBC, emergency communication systems must connect to a public telephone system if the central control point is not constantly attended. The Detect360 Area of Refuge system does just that, allowing building occupants to contact first responders using the optional Automatic Telephone Dialer. First responders can communicate directly with occupants through a standard phone line or VOIP using the Supervised Digital Communicator. This feature enables first responders to be notified sooner and respond quicker to those in need.

Part of the Detect360 family of solutions, the system features addressable technology and provides significant benefits to occupants and building owners, including:

  • Allowing each remote call station to be identified and supervised by the command panel, ensuring device failures are quickly detected and reported, while maintaining uptime of other call stations.
  • Addressable call stations maintain their connections even if other devices on the network fail, providing greater survivability.
  • All remote call stations can be connected to the command panel on a single circuit rather than wiring each one individually, significantly lowering installation and maintenance costs.

“During an emergency, occupants seeking shelter in an Area of Refuge require quick, clear communication with rescue personnel to ensure a safe evacuation,” said Tom Connell, senior product manager, Life Safety, Johnson Controls. “Our new Detect360 Area of Refuge Communications System provides an optimal solution to help reduce stress and confusion and contribute to a faster rescue.”

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