MRSA infections fall by more than 50% in U.S. hospitals

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report shows drop from 2005-2011

By Healthcare Facilities Today
September 20, 2013

Cases of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections acquired in U.S. hospitals dropped nearly 54% from 2005-2011, according to a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published in the Journal of the American Medical Association

The CDC issued a separate report cataloging depth and variety of drug-resistant bacterial threats, concluding that they kill at least 23,000 people and add $20 billion in healthcare costs a year, according to an article on the Modern Healthcare website. 

CDC researchers estimated a 28% decline in severe MRSA infections, falling to 80,461 in 2011. MRSA is bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics used to treat staph infections. In healthcare settings, it commonly occurs in patients that have had invasive procedures, such as surgeries or intravenous tubing. In communities, infection is more likely to appear as a boil, which is transmitted through skin contact, the article said.

According to the CDC, the number of hospitalizations due to MRSA increased from 127,036 to 278,203 between 1995 and 2005. Because of this rise, many hospitals improved their hygiene protocols.

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