Hospitals Fined $184K Over Worker Infections

Two hospitals fined for failing to report when employees were infected with COVID-19


Healthcare Facilities Addressing Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is about four times more prevalent in healthcare than in other industries


CMS Emergency Preparedness Final Rule Improves Hospital Response

Rule mandates emergency planning and support with an emphasis on communication


Four Most Frequent COVID-related OSHA Citations

By knowing the common citations, employers can better ensure they are protecting their workers


OSHA Offers Tips on Safety with Dry Ice

Super-cold blocks of carbon dioxide keep temperamental vaccines at the right temperature


VA’s Struggle with PPE One of Many Issues

VA had no reliable tracking system for what hospitals have, what they need or what was expired


Nashville Explosion Hampers Hospital Operations

Blast affected connection points for regional internet services and local wireless, internet and video


Can Hospitals Use Door Wedges?

Brad Keyes explains the requirements for holding doors open in hospitals


Second Wave: PPE Shortages Plague Healthcare Again

There weren’t supposed to be more shortages that imperil the lives of doctors, nurses and maintenance and housekeeping workers. But here we are


State’s Rural Hospitals Worry about PPE Mandate

California requires hospitals to maintain three-month PPE stockpiles starting in April


How Safe Are U.S. Hospitals?

Rating focuses on how well hospitals protect patients from preventable errors, accidents, injuries and infections


Life Safety Q&A: Powering Exit Signs

If batteries are removed from exit signs, do signs still need to be tested?


2021: Looking Ahead at Challenges for Facilities

Assessing the rush to embrace new technologies to keep patients, families and healthcare workers safe


Streamlining COVID-19 Communication to Staff

Brief huddles, not a barrage of emails and texts, might be the best way to prevent communication overload


Do You Need Sprinklers in a Covered Walkway?

Learn the fire code requirements for canopies and similar covered spaces


Developing Robust Emergency Operating Procedures

Preparations must be taken to develop, deploy and maintain emergency operating procedures and harden the facility department’s emergency preparedness


The Three Stages Of Facility Emergency Response

The biggest challenge that healthcare facility managers face in an emergency is ensuring safety


Chicago Nursing Home Security Caught 'Ghost' On Security Camera

Guard posts footage on Facebook, where it has racked up more than 2.5 million views


Completely Wireless Hospital Bed Launched

The new bed has intuitive patient positioning and bed alarms


Can Nursing Homes Social Distance If The Power Goes Off During A Hurricane?

Many longterm care facilities have temporary generators, which may require moving residents into a single large space


Acoustics: The Hidden Risk For Mission Critical Data Centers

Focusing on assessment, specification and implementation allows managers can streamline installation and enhance access control


Natural Disasters Add Challenges For Healthcare Facilities During Pandemic

Hurricanes, etc., can further complicate facility managers’ efforts to help contain COVID-19


Hurricane Preparedness Procedures for Healthcare Facilities

Mitigating the risk of a hurricane’s impact requires planning, organization, guidance and teamwork


Senior Facilities Need To Be Part Of Emergency Prep Plan

Report says Connecticut should have worked with more closely with assisted living communities and nursing homes


Designing A Disaster Plan During COVID-19

COVID’s impact on a disaster plan focuses on risk analysis, emergency response and business continuity


How Healthcare Facilities Are Dealing With Hurricanes, Wildfires And A Pandemic

Medical centers use lessons learned from pandemic response to manage natural disasters


Firefighters Work To Protect California Hospital

A hospital skeleton crew stayed back to wet the roof and make last-minute arrangements


Pa. Hospital Using ‘Mobile Boiler Rooms’ During Repairs After Fire

The fire has been linked to a chemical reaction during maintenance work


Penn. Hospital Fire Sparks Shelter-in-Place Order For Area

Smoke from putting out a fire at UPMC Lock Haven could have been hazardous


Pa. Hospital Patient Suffering Third-Degree Burns In Operating Room Fire

Patient files suit against the UPMC Susquehanna’s Williamsport Regional Medical Center



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