Acoustics: The Hidden Risk For Mission Critical Data Centers

Focusing on assessment, specification and implementation allows managers can streamline installation and enhance access control


Natural Disasters Add Challenges For Healthcare Facilities During Pandemic

Hurricanes, etc., can further complicate facility managers’ efforts to help contain COVID-19


Hurricane Preparedness Procedures for Healthcare Facilities

Mitigating the risk of a hurricane’s impact requires planning, organization, guidance and teamwork


Senior Facilities Need To Be Part Of Emergency Prep Plan

Report says Connecticut should have worked with more closely with assisted living communities and nursing homes


Designing A Disaster Plan During COVID-19

COVID’s impact on a disaster plan focuses on risk analysis, emergency response and business continuity


How Healthcare Facilities Are Dealing With Hurricanes, Wildfires And A Pandemic

Medical centers use lessons learned from pandemic response to manage natural disasters


Firefighters Work To Protect California Hospital

A hospital skeleton crew stayed back to wet the roof and make last-minute arrangements


The Three Stages Of Facility Emergency Response

The biggest challenge that healthcare facility managers face in an emergency is ensuring safety


Pa. Hospital Using ‘Mobile Boiler Rooms’ During Repairs After Fire

The fire has been linked to a chemical reaction during maintenance work


Penn. Hospital Fire Sparks Shelter-in-Place Order For Area

Smoke from putting out a fire at UPMC Lock Haven could have been hazardous


Pa. Hospital Patient Suffering Third-Degree Burns In Operating Room Fire

Patient files suit against the UPMC Susquehanna’s Williamsport Regional Medical Center


La. Hospital Cares For Babies During Hurricane

The babies were moved to the main hospital in the system which has its own generator and was built to withstand hurricane force winds


Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Evacuation Route Maps

Brad Keyes discusses regulations related to evacuation route maps


Preparing For A Hurricane In The Middle Of A Pandemic

Facilities must routinely research and update plans in order to reduce damage, remain open and recover quickly



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